December 1, 2022

Biker Festival in Ozanköy

Bikes, Fun, Burgers, Beers, Music…

by Ralph Kratzer

In Ozanköy, and the surrounding area, a lot is happening! Two weeks before I was a guest of the Moroccan Night at the Food Lodge in Catalköy (to remember – please click here), last Sunday I found myself at the Biker Festival directly next to “The Corner House” in the centre of the village of Ozanköy.

DSC00208But first, I met with my friend Naci, TFR member and Harley rider, and some of his biker friends at the “Butik Steakhouse and Butcher” in Girne (next to Mr. Pound) for a Turkish coffee and a chat. The “Butik” is said to have the best dry aged steak meat in North Cyprus…

Around 12:30pm we drove off towards the direction of Ozanköy. However, first a round through the Old Harbour quarter of Girne, four big and heavy bikes and me on my scooter “Lulu”.  Who may be among the readers still not knowing about “Lulu”? – click here!

DSC00211Once arrived in Ozanköy there were already several motorcycles including their riders on site. A live band was playing, but not yet the announced “Tattooed Band”, which I formerly knew from the founding ceremony of the “Harley Owners Group Cyprus”, but an opening act with very talented young musicians, who “warmed up” the audience with their hard rock music (to remind the “Harley Owners Group” inauguration party earlier this year – click here!).

I took the opportunity to roam about with my camera and capture some impressions of the chrome gleaming heavy machines that were already lined up next to the fairground.

DSC00233Gradually, more and more bikes and bikers arrived, the festival became busy!

In addition to the live music, there were a couple of stalls offering this and that, the beer counters (very important!) and for the physical well-being of the guests “Döner” kebabs, burgers and other snacks! Everything was organized very well, there was no queueing, the service was excellent.

A raffle was organized by the well known “Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips)”.

Jawa Ali, a Cypriot motorcycle legend and co-organizer of the festival, took care of the smooth running and greeted his more and more biker friends, who had now gathered .

DSC00245When the “Moufflon Riders”, a group of bikers from Güzelyurt / Morfou finally arrived, I saw a very unusual vehicle, an original old Vespa (I guess from the early 1970s) converted to a trike! A feast for the eyes, immediately group of interested viewers gathered with their cameras…

Finally the main live act of the day went on, the “Tattooed Band” with their absolutely hot front-woman and singer. The band performed once again at their best, and the atmosphere at the festival reached its climax.

Ozanköy is certainly in the next year again an absolute “must” for all hardcore bikers and sightseers!

I am looking forward to it!

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