December 10, 2022

Karmi Cemetery

Restoration and Preservation Project


By Tommy Rognmo, published by Ralph Kratzer


We need volunteers for a Working Party on Tuesday 12th November, 2pm at theKarmi Cemetery.

Karmi CemeteryThe purpose:  To comfortably and safely accommodate larger burial ceremonies. In time, to make the cemetery more attractive visually to be a place for contemplation of those gone before us, who are resting there.

To create more proper paths and paved or cleared areas  for a number of people to assemble safely and with seating for the infirm.  Create some shelter from sun and rain.

We need  plants requiring no water.  Any cuttings you can spare and also seeds would be welcome. We need spreading  ground cover, especially along sides of paths, eg  Vinca, Pelagoniums, Oleander, Rosemary, Lavender, Succulents, Cacti (non spiny types), Bulbs, Rock roses, Bougainvillea, Plumbago etc to climb the walls. Ideally native Cyprus plants, the objective is to be natural and not to look too “pretty” with minimum maintenance.   Everyone can help, as much or as little as you can manage.

If possible please bring rakes, hoes & loppers. Gardening gloves, black bags & baskets for collecting pebbles.

Tea and cakes available for 10tl in The Levant afterwards.

For information phone Sue Monvid: 0533 842 2763.

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