September 30, 2023

Critical Thinking and Personal

Development examined at GAU

A “Critical Thinking and Personal Development” Seminar, which was organised by Girne American University (GAU) Faculty of Humanities Department of Psychology, has been held at the Millennium Senate Congress Hall.

The well-known businessman, Tuncay Kurnaz, joined the seminar as a guest speaker. Speeches were given respectively by GAU Vice Rector – Prof. Dr. Olgun Çiçek and GAU Head of the Department of Psychology – Dr. Aysın Sınal.

Çiçek – “GAU Puts Emphasis On Personal Development.”

GAU Vice Rector – P1rof. Dr. Olgun Çiçek said “First of all I thank the Instructors, Department and Deanship for reviving this kind of topic. GAU, as part of the mission, regards features such as personal development, sharing, creative thinking and confidence as important for our students in their business lives for increasing their success.

As you all see, these activities have been introduced with various topics, at various Faculties every week. In this respect, as a Business Manager and Administration Instructor, I wanted to join the seminar due to my field of interest, and to emphasize on some important points. These points are very professional topics.

These are the topics that you can find outside4. Topics such as; on university level, also on consulting firms’ level and online courses level. As an academician I must confess that you can find the best things; in books, in articles or the best results can be presented in the projects. However it is very hard to become successful unless you put these things into practice or adopt them.

Nevertheless, however many personal development seminars you attend and books you read, unless you practice it is hard to become successful. Hence these activities will be your guide. It is in your hands to build upon this. I know that you are here for this and I believe that you will be successful.”

GAU Head of Psychology Department – Dr. Aysın Sınal said “I am proud to be here and making an opening speech. Tuncay Kurnaz has come here to give u2s the benefit of his experience. As the GAU family, we thank him for coming.

It is not just about studying. We have a saying; “Who is more knowledgeable – the man who reads a lot, or the man who travels a lot? Both of these aspects are needed. It is very easy for a person to improve themselves. It is all about a button which is only 2cm away from them. It is all about that one person’s desire to press that button.

Our speaker’s main purpose today is to present a chance to all of our young students here today to overcome difficulties in your business lives or social lives. What you hear or see here today will be very beneficial to you all, because true-life is not the same as what is read in books, it will be transferred to you through life. I welcome everyone and I hope you all enjoy the seminar.”

Tuncay Kurnaz put emphasis on various topics after the opening speeches.

“Wide Horizons Are The Initial Aim”

“Today I am here to narrate some experiences which I have had in the 3past – What you can do at university?, what does a university mean? and what you will be planning after university life? These will be the topics that we will be examining in detail.

First of all do not be afraid of doing wrong. Be positive all the time and do some research to become successful. In the area of personal development making a quick decision and having a wide horizon is really important.” Kurnaz mentioned the importance of critical thinking on achievement and answered the questions of the students after the seminar.

The students were presented with certificates for participating, after the seminar.

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