August 9, 2022

London 2013 – A Halloween Happening

By Chris Elliott

It’s that time of the year again and it would seem the ghouls and zombies have been taking over London for a day. So what happened?

Well, my son and his friends as the zombie police squad ventured out iZombie walknto the threatening light of day on patrol with even more Zombie drummerghoulish improvements to their appearances much to the shock of the citizens of this great city. Soon they were plagued by timid folk wanting to get closer and then on realising they would not be arrested or worse, were keen to have their pictures taken with this fiendish patrol.

At one point the ghostly squad were approached by a man who stopped them and whipped out his warrant card and said I am a plain clothes police officer and they all stood there open-mouthed thinking, ohhhh the game’s up! Fixing them with a stern look and squaring his shoulders he said, “can I have my picture taken with you guys please, Lol! 

Patrolling the Metropolitan hub they encountered many more zombies on the loose and also being Night Stalker pursued by the paparazzi and citizens of this fair city who wanted to take photographs. Of our zombie police squad, following up on their nicking of our Jim last year, they were arrested themselves and given the first prize accolade for their ghoulish efforts.

To see the horrific sights from dear old London town 2013 click here and click here. and then venture back in time with me to see the zombie police patrol in action in 2012 below.

Zombie Walk 2012 – London – A Halloween Happening

When I was back in the UK recently my son was telling me he and a group of friends were going on a Halloween Pub Crawl and they were making fancy dress for the occasion.

Here in sunny North Cyprus there are a number of Halloween events planned and we will be reading about the fun and games had at these events shortly. We have a very active social scene here but when it comes to madcap events with perhaps a cast of thousands, it seems it all happens back in dear old Blighty.

What a shock it was today today to receive an email from my son who tells me he went on this Facebook inspired gathering along with many others and his group was stopped by photographers and film crews alike asking for pictures and information and they ended up being the Saville nappers.

They were even lucky to win third place for their costumes and looking at their pictures one can only wonder about what the winners looked like. To see more: Click here

Have a look at this link and you will see more of how the law caught up with Jimmy Saville as well! Click here.

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