December 8, 2023

Republic Day celebrated

enthusiastically in American


Students of the American College and Lefkoşa Future American College have enthusiastically celebrated the Republic Day.

Children Group

At the celebrations of the 90th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, two of the students of American College – Araz Bibi and Volkan Hasanbulli, emphasized the meaning and importance of the day. At the speeches, students stated t1383076_748691688480059_807667847_nhat “With the proclamation of the Republic, Atatürk had established a secular, democratic and modern regime and his aims had been realized in this order”. They said that on 29th October 1923, the day when he was chosen as President, Atatürk had said “We will go further together”. And with these words he mentioned all of his aims.

Pre-schoolers Yonca Necipoğulları, Celine Düzen, Şerife Şener and Işık Tez read a poem called “October 29th” and one of the students of the American Primary School – Dilara Metay read a poem called “Today”.

Small children1382969_748691331813428_1678418035_n

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