October 2, 2022

Rubbish on our shores and

doorstep – Stop it now!

 By Chris Elliott

I have been watching a beautiful but heartbreaking video from a link sent to me by Chris Green. This video was made on Midway Island in the Pacific and  shows with great sensitivity but bluntness the harm that rubbish thrown into the sea has on sea birds when it washes ashore.

Here in North Cyprus we face a similar issue with rubbish being dumped into the sea which washes ashore and we tend to highlight the danger this creates for our lovely annual visitor, Caretta theRubbish Kills turtle. The fact is any rubbish is dangerous even to you and I, wherever it comes from.

When we travel around we see litter and worst still cigarettes thrown from cars and then when we visit our local picnic areas we find other visitors have left their rubbish where they had their picnic and do not even use the rubbish bins provided. How many visitors to London have seen the spotted pavements perhaps not realising it’s chewing gum.

We, the citizens of this planet, just do not think of the damage and harm we are doing to our environment when we cast aside that which we no longer need. So often this is done as an instinct and not with intent.

Here in North Cyprus we see builders’ rubbish being dumped by the roadside just like back in the UK.  When it comes to keeping some of the turtles nesting areas on our beaches clean, thank goodness for those volunteers who get stuck in and try to stem the tide.

One form of form of garbage is plastic in its many forms and our fellow writer, Ralph Kratzer, wrote in his article about a scheme to turn plastic into oil click here. Why not do this in North Cyprus?

Perhaps the dumping of rubbish is an issue we cannot prevent but if we all educate our children about the dangers we can start to eradicate this blight on our environment.  Perhaps, as in the UK, the national and local authorities here in North Cyprus will see the wisdom of setting up local sites where household rubbish can be brought and then perhaps taken away for recycling.

As for rubbish dumped into the sea it will take international action to deal with the rubbish from plastic caps to even containers that are floating around in our seas and oceans.

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