December 10, 2023

The 3rd SALİH SONEL Seniors Fencing Reminiscence Tournament held at GAU

The 3rd Salih Sonel Seniors Fencing Reminiscence Tournament, following 1.his untimely loss on 29th May 2011, was held at GAU American College indoor sports hall.

The wife and son of the late Salih Sonel also attended the 3rd Salih Sonel Seniors Fencing Reminiscence Tournament.  The tournament was challenging for all athletes. TRNC Fencing Federation Chair – Erhan Vechi, stated that 48 athletes participated in the opening tournament of the season the interest in fencing is increasing day by day. Thus the competitiveness and spectator interest is indeed significant.  He finally emphasised that the amateur spirit is a significant reinforcement for the development of this sport.

The ranking athletes were presented with cups and medals by Yeşim Sonel, Oytun Sonel, GAU Rector – Prof. Dr. Yıldırım Öner and GAU Chair for Health, Culture and Sports – Türkay Akpınar.

The rankings are as follows:

Ladies Foil2.

1.    Melda Hasan
2.    Meltem Çolak
3.    Kayla Girgen
4.    Gözde Pınar Özaydın

Ladies Sword

1.    Türkan Teknikel
2.    Eda Hasizmirli
3.    Evelina Evelina
4.    Deniz Kavran

Men’s Foil4.

1.    Berkay Çağay
2.    Oğuzhan Beyoğlu
3.    Mert Hasan
4.    Burak İpek

Men’s Sword

1.    Savcı Genç
2.    Aydın Tahsin
3.    Salih Kayasal
4.    Onur Salkım


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