December 8, 2022





Teaching Staff of GAU Faculty of Business and Economy and First Woman Ambassador of the TRNC, Hasibe Şahoğlu, has presented her novel on Cyprus hasibe şahoğluHistory entitled “Zemzem’in Kırmızı Çarşafı”  (Red Linen of Zamzam).

Şahoğlu reported the following to GAU TV regarding the novel;

“In fact the novel has an interesting plot. Nevertheless published as a novel it delivers a reality. My mother’s mother is originally from Palestine. My grandfather who named the Zamzam is originally from Thrace. They met on a boat.  This is their story. This story had few clues. I developed it into a novel.”

Besides the preparation phase of the novel, Şahoğlu stated that she had commenced the novel long ago but has only just had the chance to complete it.  Şahoğlu replying to the critics on the novel stated that  “I have come in for positive criticisms since the publishing of the novel.  A few days ago the launch day for the book was held for the Turkish Cyprus Medical Association. There I met famous people of Cyprus Literature and I mostly pay attention to their criticism –  like Ali Nesim, Hasan Kahvecioğlu, Ahmet Tolgay and Neriman Cahit. They are very pleasant and positive critics. I received positive critcism with regard to the content Bookand the writing techniques of the novel.

Nevertheless not a real negative criticism, the novel was said to be short and it would be much better if it had been longer. The reason for me to keep the story short was that it reflected reality.  I assembled a few pieces of a puzzle to complete a book.  If I had made the story longer this would have defeated the reality. I hope to continue writing more novels in the future”.  Finally stating her first experiences of writing, Şahoğlu made recommendations for those who intend to write a book.

Şahoğlu: “We ought to consign our Past to the Future instead of Heritage and Money”.

“I have loved writing since primary school.  I wrote poems during high school, but I never wrote stories or memoirs.  Late Leader, Rauf Denktaş, once attended one of our meetings. He then gave advice to us; “Do write as Cypriots never write”. He recommended us to write on any topic. Upon his inspiring words I always wrote memoirs since then.  I also recommend future generations to write.  It is a pleasure to convey values to future generations. “We ought to consign our past to the future instead of heritage and money.”


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