December 10, 2023

October is Breast Cancer Awareness


By Margaret Sheard

There are thousands, if not millions, of people in the world who have relatives, friends or acquaintances who have had to fight cancer, some have won the battle and sadly some have not, and even worse there are the people who have personally had this terrible disease. This is why everyone should give their support to those people who are endeavouring to overcome cancer through research, treatment, equipment etc.

logoOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness month worldwide and in North Cyprus there are many people who have been working hard over the years to raise funds for the various cancer charities here. Two such people are Carole King and Sue Tilt who tirelessly work to raise funds for Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) and have organised various “Pink” themed events during the month. These are some of the events which need plenty of support by our local readers going along and donating what they can to help.

On Thursday 24th October in Lefkoşa, Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips) will be releasing Pink Balloons (as they have done in previous years). They ask anyone who feels they would like to come to meet at 9.30am at Kugulu Park which is opposite the Turkish Embassy (close to Kyrenia Gate) to get their Pink Balloons. Then at 10am everyone will walk to the front of the Parliament Building and Raziye Kocaismail, the founder of HelpBalloons in the sky Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) will call on a Member of Parliament to come out and she will tell them the needs of the Association.

Once the formalities are over all the balloons will be released in front of the Parliament Building. It is quite a spectacle and very moving. If people feel inclined to go along and give support it would be very appropriate if they wear something pink on the day!

On Friday 25 October the Association is having a “Wear Something Pink Day” across the TRNC and Carole and Sue have been organising in the Girne and surrounding areas for the schools and businesses to do just that and collect 5TL from each person for the charity. Some businesses are running events, which are detailed below andPink people others are just asking everyone to turn up in something pink and raising funds that way. Tulips are hoping for a great result and thank everyone in advance for their support on this day. At the bottom of this article is a poster which gives a more visual idea of what Carole and Sue are doing….. If any business feels that they would like to participate on the day they will be very welcome. Just let Sue or Carole know that they are taking part:- or call on 0533 8731693.

The Stumble Inn in Lapta are putting on a ‘Pink Night’ in aid of Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) to support Pink Friday on 25th October 2013. Everyone is requested to wear something pink and donate 5tl to Tulips. It can be a top, tie, scarf, jewellery etc (if you do not wear anything pink you may be fined!)

The Stumble Inn is sponsoring every draught Efes and Becks bought between 8pm and 9pm and the payment will be placed directly into the Tulips charity box.

You will be able to dance the night away with live music from the fabulous soul and motown singer Martin Costa (who will also be wearing pink) and a BBQ will be available from 7.30pm to 10pm

Corner House Restaurant, Ozankoy are organising A “Pink Night’  in aid of Help Those with Cancer Association (Tulips) to support Pink Friday on 25th October 2013.

Friday is their quiz night and on this occasion they will be asking everyone to wear something pink and donate 5TL. They will also run a music quiz with a prize and all money raised from that quiz will go to Tulips.

There will be pink cocktails and pink wine plus anything else they can think of and a percentage of the sales of these drinks will be donated to Tulips.

There will also be a prize for the best dressed ‘Pink’ person.

Other Events, non-pink day related:

Tulips also have an event taking place on the 29th October which is a Christmas Card making day which will be held at Pine Bay Hotel, Karaoglanoglu. The event will start at The new cards are piling up10.30am until around 3.30pm.

Lunch is available and will be 15tl (with 5tl being donated to Tulips) and there will be a choice of the following:

1. Omelette and chips (Omelette can be plain, cheese, mushroom or cheese & mushroom)

2. Toasted sandwiches with either chips or salad and a soft drink (toasted sandwiches can be with white cheese or hellim cheese, tomato or a mixture)

All of the equipment and materials will be provided, however, if anyone has a guillotine that they could bring that would be useful and if experienced card makers could also bring their own cutting mats etc. so that there is enough to go around, as there will be some novices that will not have their own equipment.

Anyone wishing to attend, should email or call either Sue or Carole on 0533 870 2281 or 0533 8731693 and also let them know if they are planning on having lunch.

All cards made on the day will be sold at the Tulips stalls with all proceeds going to Help Those With Cancer Association (Tulips).

Carole and Sue are going to be extremely busy through the month of October and they would appreciate as much support as possible in their never-ending task of raising funds to fight cancer.


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