December 6, 2022

Beware email hacking of Terry Carter

By Chris Elliott

I received an email from an old friend and contact, Terry Carter with an odd subject line and when I opened it, the message clearly looked like his account had been hacked. I then contacted another friend who had a contact withTerry Carter Terry and he confirmed that he had received the same email.

Contact was immediately made with Terry Carter and he has phoned me to confirm that his account had in fact been hacked and apologises to anybody that received an email pleading for money and is asking them under no circumstances to reply to this email or give money.

He has now had help from his email service provider to re-secure his account and they Secure your email addresshave recommended that everybody regularly changes their email password to maintain security of their account.

For those friends and contacts of Terry who would like to maintain contact with him, please email him by sending him a new email and do not reply to the email you will have received from his account.  Terry tells us that as a result of his account having been hacked all his contact email addresses have been deleted. would like to remind our readers of the dangers of email hacking and how you can help prevent it, by being sensible with the use of other people’s email addresses by not sharing them click here to view our previous articles on this dangerous practice.

Don’t forget to change your email password regularly 

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