December 6, 2022

Peace moves rejected by Greek Cypriots – John Aziz Kent’s


By John Aziz Kent

Ismail Veli
Ismail Veli

Reading Ismail Veli’s article “Peace moves rejected by Greek Cypriots – Ismail Veli’s Comments” click here I made the following comment in reply and as it is such an important issue. I decided to write my thoughts on this page so that you the readers, begin to understand the futility of the ongoing Cyprus problem and the way my Turkish Cypriot brothers and sisters are being treated even now with the support of the world in general through non recognition and embargoes. WHY?

“Dear Chris

John Aziz Kent sml
John Aziz Kent

Now the whole World including the EU is involved with the Cyprus problem and they all know the TRUTH of what happened in the past and is even happening today, the embargoes are there and continuing on the Turkish Cypriots.

 I know, because at 80 years of age I have lived through and seen all of it, that is why the solution to the Cyprus problem is in the TRUTH. In the meantime we need more people like Ismail Veli and Nicos Rolandis to keep on telling the TRUTH about Cyprus so that the young people of both sides in Cyprus are enlightened with what went on throughout the years.

Thank you Chris and Margaret for doing a wonderful job of bringing out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth on

God bless all the people of the world.

John Aziz Kent


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