June 30, 2022

TFR – 6thTen-Pin Bowling Tournament

September 2013

By Margaret Sheard
Photos by Ralph Kratzer

The 6th TFR  ten-pin bowling tournament was brought forward by a week due to the forthcoming group trip to Turkey so we all congregated at the King’s

Kings Leisure Centre
Kings Leisure Centre

Leisure Centre on 18th September to again have a “battle of the nations”.

Richard Bradley (Brad) got us sorted into 6 teams representing England (2) , Germany (2), Sweden and a group of Swedish visitors. There were around 24 people participating in the tournament and we all sorted ourselves out with shoes and went to our respective lanes for a practise. Chris and I were teamed up with Terry and Bridget from Sheffield, who come and stay in their property here at various times during the year and were pleased to be able to join a TFR event while they were here.

After the bowling had finished we all went to the restaurant area for some food and a cool drink and to hear the results which Brad was quickly working out.

The results were:

6th place England (1) with a score of 465 – unfortunately this was our team!

5th place England (2) with a score of 592

Sweden - 1st and 2nd

4th place Germany (2) with a score of 704

3rd place Germany (1) with a score of 706

2nd place Sweden with a score of 767

1st place Swedish Visitors with a score of 892

Well done the Swedish visitors with a brilliant score.

Everyone likes to hear about the individual scores and these were: 3rd place Heinz with a score of 226; 2nd place Ralph with a score of 243; and 1st place Brad with a score of 273.

The ladies scores were: 3rd place Renata with a score of 148; 2nd place Marina with a score of 201 and 1st place Kicki with a score of 212.

Another very enjoyable get-together with TFR members was at an end and we look forward to the next one with a great group of people.


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