December 1, 2022



GAU Continuous Education Center (GAU-SEM) is organizing a training program – “Entrepreneurship and Work Plan Management” – for entrepreneurs and those who seek to develop their skills in entrepreneurship.

GAU logo smlGAU reported that the program will reinforce those who plan to establish their own work environment and places or lead those who want to undertake counselling and have interest in entrepreneurship.

The program is to include:- what is entrepreneurship, how to be an entrepreneur, the hints for success in entrepreneurship, frequent mistakes in entrepreneurship, examples of successful entrepreneurship, new work models in the world, brand entrepreneurship, highlights for continuous entrepreneurship, 6 sigma of entrepreneurship, what is a work plan, why do we need a work plan, preparing a work plan, how to develop a work plan, how to set strategy in developing a successful work plan, work plan techniques and work plan drafting.

The training duration is 20 hours and it will be over a period of 5 weeks.

A certificate will be presented for those who participate for 70% or more of the training.


For further details or application regarding the program please see or call (0212) 249 78 82.

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