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TRNC News Today 3rd September 2013


President Dervis Eroğlu has recorded that China and Russia are ready to reject any proposal against the Greek Cypriots at the United Nations Security Council.

Dervis-Eroglu LH

Receiving the President of the Bright Future Movement, Anıl Kaya, and the delegation including members of the Board of Directors, Eroğlu stated in his speech: “Although it is known by the world that the Cyprus problem was created by the Greek Cypriots, the European Union gave a promise to lift the isolations imposed on the Turkish Cypriots in 2004 after the Greek Cypriots rejected the UN plan which was orientated to resolve the Cyprus problem. Lifting of the isolations was also recommended in the UN Secretary-General’s report and continuation of the isolations is the issue that worries the Turkish Cypriots”.

Eroğlu stated: “Today countries like China and Russia which are still the permanent members of the UN Security Council, are ready to reject any proposal against the Greek Cypriots” and added that from now on these countries must learn what is really going on in Cyprus and comprehend how wrong it is to impose isolations on the Turkish Cypriots.

Recording that if the Turkish Cypriots show more sensitivity abroad regarding the isolations, the world will understand the Turkish Cypriots better, Eroğlu stated: “There are duties to be done also by the EU and the UN Security Council not only by us”.


Remarking that it can be reached nowhere by asking why the world cannot see the realities, Eroğlu said: “The need of making ourselves heard by the outside world through democratic organizations should continue increasingly.”

Expressing that the Turkish Cypriot side put forward the necessary will for an agreement, Eroğlu said: “The one who should show the necessary will for an agreement is the Greek Cypriot side. We have taken all the necessary steps for an agreement so far, we shall continue to do so. However, if we get rejected, I do not know how much further we can go.  I think that a time limit should be set”.


Speaking at the reception, Anıl Kaya expressed that the biggest problem created by the Cyprus conflict is the isolations imposed on the Turkish Cypriots.

Recording that the Greek Cypriots are in an endeavour of extending negotiations over a period of time, Kaya said: “We are worried that our children will also experience the isolation we have experienced”. Kaya asked: “While this political problem continues we, as the Turkish Cypriots, have the right of attending an international culture, art, sport, education or health event. How many generations still will be sacrificed?”


Özkan Yorgancıoğlu
Özkan Yorgancıoğlu

The first handover ceremony of the Republican Turkish Party United Forces and Democrat Party National Forces Coalition Government was held at the Prime Ministry on Monday 2nd September.

Leader of the Republican Turkish Party – United Forces, Özkan Yorgancıoğlu, took over his duty as the new Prime Minister.

Yorgancıoğlu took over his new duty from Sibel Siber who served as the Prime Minister of the interim government.

Speaking during the handover ceremony, the outgoing Prime Minister Sibel Siber referred to the importance of the handover ceremonies in terms of democracy and said she is hopeful for the future.

Also speaking, the new Prime Minister Özkan Yorgancıoğlu said their duty was to progress the jobs that have been started by the interim government.

Yorgancıoğlu also added that they will take support from non-governmental organizations to solve the problems of the country.

Handover ceremonies were also held at the other Ministries and the new Ministers started their duties.


Foreign Minister, Kutlay Erk, handed over his duty to the new Foreign Minister, Ozdil Nami, yesterday.

Kutlay Erk
Kutlay Erk

Delivering a speech during the handover ceremony, Foreign Minister Kutlay Erk stated that during his term of office, his aim was to re-develop citizens’ trust towards politics.  Erk expressed that as a Foreign Minister, he tried to expand diplomacy channels by co-operating with citizens and non-governmental organizations.

The new Foreign Minister Nami thanked Erk for his support and comments.  Nami also recorded that a hard period is being approached and they have to progress in co-operation.

Ozdil Nami
Ozdil Nami

Stating that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the Turkish Cypriot people’s window to the world, Nami expressed that there are different representatives all over the world and it is necessary to use them actively in order to make the Turkish Cypriot people’s voice heard by the world.

Nami remarked: “Continuing to show clearly our will for peace and resolution to the world will be our biggest duty”.

Recording that getting involved in the Cyprus negotiations actively will be his main target, Nami expressed that all opportunities will be mobilized in order to reach a federal agreement and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be focused on this target.

Stressing that relations with the European Union are really important, Nami mentioned that they will carry the negotiations regarding conformity to the EU regulations to higher points. Nami ended his statement: “I trust the support of the people”.


Head of the Turkish Industrialists Businessmen and Women Confederation and the Head of the Turkish Confederations Society, Nezaket Emine Atasoy, met with Yosef Levi Sfari the Israeli Ambassador to Ankara and said that Israel must lift the embargoes on the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

According to the statement from the Turkish Confederations Society, Atasoy also mentioned in the meeting that the people of Israel have struggled for their independence and for establishing their own state for long years therefore she is asking their support for the people of  the TRNC in their struggle for independence. Atasoy added that the embargoes on the TRNC people have to be lifted.

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

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