December 6, 2022

Email Security – Advice from

By Margaret Sheard

I have been circulated with an email from a new North Cyprus Online Newspaper with an information comment shared by one of its writers to many people including myself.

Secure your email address
Secure your email address

The purpose of writing this article is to alert our readers of the danger of sending emails to groups of people using the TO and CC button as every recipient can then see the email address of all the other people who have received the email and of course their email addresses then could be misused.

Once your email address has been compromised it’s a major task to deal with the problem.

The best way of sending emails to many people is to send it to yourself and use the BCC button (Blind Copy Circulate) for those you want to send the email to and then you are being kind to other people by not sharing their email addresses with the other readers.

Don’t forget when you receive an email you wish to forward on to others, if it has multiple email addresses that should not be shared, then delete the multiple email addresses in the header of the email you are forwarding.

I have seen so many well meaning people who make the same mistake including those writing on behalf of groups and organisations here in North Cyprus.

Be considerate and be safe on the internet and enjoy!

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