November 26, 2022

Yen Returns to Vietnam

By Margaret Sheard

We have just received some wonderful news from Steve Sydenham Snr. who organise7. Steve Sydenham Snr.d a fundraising evening to help Yen to return to Vietnam to her husband Hai ( who returned to Vietnam a few weeks ago) and her son Dwan, who she hasn’t seen for 3 years. Most people are aware of the harrowing experience Hai and Yen had here in North Cyprus. Everything has been arranged and Yen will be starting her journey home next week.

This is the update we have received from Steve

“I just wanted to let you all know that we have just been into Girne and purchased the ticket for Yen to fly home on Tuesday. Ahmet has sorted everything out with immigration and we went to Girne Police Station after purchasing the ticket to give them a copy of the ticket to prove she is leaving.

She is so happy. She can’t wait to see Dwan, her little boy. Dwan & Hai are travelling to Hanoi to meet her. Though she leaves N Cyprus late on Tuesday, she doesn’t arrive in Hanoi until Thursday! She has a 15 hour stand over in Kuala Lumpur and will arrive in Hanoi around noon on Thursda1. Yeny. Yen said they will stay overnight with her sister, who lives in Hanoi, then make the six hour bus journey to their home town. She is very, very excited and asked me again to pass on her thanks for everything you have all done for her.

I don’t know what we can do about her dogs though. As you probably know Al talked them into looking after three dogs and he paid their food bill (until he left anyway). They have managed to home one, the smallest one named Happy, but both black dogs are still there. They spoke to KAR but were told they can’t help. She is very worried and upset about just leaving them but there is nothing else she can do. I will try and find someone living close by to feed and water them if need be, or I will go down when I can to make sure they have water and food. Shame as they are adorable, but I have four already so can’t help further.

Thanks to you all Yen will be taking home just under 2,000tl which is just over 21 million Vietnamese Dongs!!!!!! This should be a great help to them there in Vietnam and will definitely allow them to get their lives back in order.”

So thanks to all of the people who gave their support, Yen is now able to return to Vietnam and her family can resume their lives there, with hopefully some good memories of North Cyprus.

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