December 10, 2022

By John Aziz Kent……..

Following the articles on,  I came across an article by Ismail Veli, a new writer on this website and I was very impressed with his thinking, understanding and writing about such a complex subject as, the Cyprus Division and I made the following comments :

“Did the Greek Cypriots divide Cyprus?”

“This article of Ismail Veli is very important for everybody to see how the island has been pushed to this point, even by the cleverest Cypriot politician Mr Clerides, but I suspect he never had a choice from all the other Greek political parties as it is the same today, too many politicians that benefit from the division of Cyprus. Thus they always manage with clever sweet political words to manipulate the young Greeks and with the help of the church that always could not accept the fact of having to live equally with the Turkish community except by having Enosis with Greece.

Now it takes a lot of effort to explain the truth and be accepted by the young that didn’t know anything of the truth of the past.  Only the church and their politicians coming out and telling the truth can make an impact on the Greek people.  The Cypriot Turkish people are ready for a fair, based on equality, solution and Turkey encourages this too.

Dear Chris Elliott you have done a wonderful job to both Cypriot communities by publishing the article and I hope many people read it. Click here to view!

John Aziz Kent”

We can only wait and see if the young people of Cyprus press to try to learn more of the truth of the history of Cyprus and then perhaps we will see a growing swell of opinion from the Greek Cypriots that demands a similar desire to reach an agreement, as the Turkish Cypriots have.


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  1. Thank you Aziz for your kind comments. As a Turkish Cypriot I have always sought to find the truth behind the Cyprus tragedy. In order to achieve this its very important to study all sides thoughts, ideas and research archive information in order to try and understand events as they developed. I would like share my thoughts on many aspects of the Cyprus problem, hopefully I can also play a part in helping the younger generation to understand and assist in helping us all to debate our Islands intricate problems in a much more positive manner, minus the constant partisan politics that seem to plague both Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

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