January 30, 2023

Applied International Artificial Intelligence

Symposium of GAU

The first of GAU Engineering Faculty “1st International Engineering, AI and Applications” symposium will host international scientists.

The symposium which will host scientists from all over the world will be held on 6-8 of November 2013 at GAU Cyprus-Girne campus.

The symposium will be held under three main categories:

AI: Neural Networks, AI and Evolutionary Algorithms, Developing Technologies, Intelligent Agent, Brain Models/Informatics Sciences, Expert Systems, Decision Support Systems, Computer Aided Teaching, FArtificial Intellegenceuzzy Logic and Mechanical Learning, Intuitive Research Methods, Smart Databases.

Engineering: Electro-Mechanic Systems, Power Engineering, Fuel Cells, Renewable and Alternative Energy Systems, Power Electronic and Drivers, Power Systems for Buildings, Power Systems, Signal Processing, Electronic, Measurement Systems, Digital Filter Design and structures, Antennas and Propagation, Voice/Speech Processing; Wavelet Processing, Computer Networks, Developments in Database Field, Software Engineering, Sea Wave Mechanic and Hydrodynamics, Design and Construction of Sea Structures, Earthquake Engineering, Computer Application in Civil Engineering, Construction Materials, Geotechnical and Soil Mechanics, Design and Construction of Pre-tensioned Concrete Buildings, Project Management, System Analyses, Signal Processing in Applications, Computer Feedback, Robotic, Pattern Recognition, Finger Print Recognition, Finance and Marketing, Education, Developing Applications, Military, Microwave Applications, Neural Networks, Face Recognition, Health Applications.

Please see www.gau.edu.tr/en and iseaia2013.gaueng.org or call 1211 via 0(392) 650 20 00 for further details regarding terms and conditions for the admissions.

GAU – First International Artificial Intelligence Symposium 

GAU - First Symposium on Engineering

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