February 6, 2023

I want to be a Doctor when I grow up

We have received information from Fevzi Hussein, Chairperson of Embargoed and Presenter and Columnist in tFevzi Hussainhe UK, of a very different topic to our usual articles but in some respects there is a connection as the details we have received concern a Turkish Cypriot young lady who is desperate to follow her dream of becoming a doctor. We have decided to publish the appeal for those people out there who may be able to contribute to fulfil this young lady’s ambition.

“I want to be a Doctor when I grow up”

By Fevzi Hussein

“Becoming a doctor has always been a dream for Canel Kucuk, a 21 year-old Turkish Cypriot. Alongside full time studies, Canel participated in community voluntary work including hospice care, mentoring and supporting young adults with learning disabilities. Having recently graduated from The University of Sussex in Brighton with a First Class honours degree in Molecular medicine; the highest grade possible, she looked set to realise her dreams. After a scrupulous selection process, she has been selected from thousands of candidates to study Medicine at Brighton and Sussex Medical School.  However, her dreams now look set to come to a crushing end.

As one of three siblings, raised in a low-income, single parent family, Canel now finds herself hitting the glass ceiling that prevents many gifted youngsters from under-privileged backgrounds from realising their true potential. The cost of medical school amounts to £9,000 a year in fees alone, not to mention cost of living and educational materials which see this figure rise to over £15,000 a year. With the removal of postgraduate development loan schemes and a significant lack in funding Canel may now be prevented from taking up her place at Medical School.

I am a community activist, and was approached to facilitate any support which could help Canel and I was instantly touched by the battle that Canel’s single parent family are facing as well as their dogged determination to do good by their gifted daughter.   Canel’s case is not unique. She has shown incredible dedication to learn and gain the highest grades possible as she prepares for medical school. The system does not help under-privileged families and we know that for Turkish Cypriot children they will face similar difficulties around aspirations linked to university studies. Belgin Kucuk (Canel’s mother), Canel Kucuk and Cansu Kucuk (Canel’s sister)Together with the family we are very excited, as this is an opportunity for someone from our community, to do something ethically-speaking which is simply wonderful.

The family who originally hail from Kilitkaya and Yilmaz Koy are appealing for help. Canel (centre) is keen to repay the kindness of individuals who are willing to help her, with repayment of the full original capital invested along with additional interest which will all be subject to a contractual agreement.  So today, we see a special appeal launched to help a young Turkish Cypriot lady realise her dreams of becoming a doctor. If you are interested in investing in this most worthy cause please contact me, Fevzi Hussein, via email at n17fevzi@gmail.com.

Canel’s sister Cansu Kucuk added “My sister has supported me during her studies when I was having cancer treatment so I am extremely proud of Canel for coming this far despite many obstacles in her path and so far we have not allowed anything to deter her in her dream of becoming a doctor.  We know our community responds well to stories where they can feel proud of a fellow Turkish Cypriot and they can be sure to be proud of my sister who is itching to put the latest negative chapter behind her. “

If you would like to contribute to this brilliant cause, remember that you will get your money back with interest (since Canel will be guaranteed employment following successful completion of her studies), send me an email confirming your contact details. The organisers behind this appeal are hoping that in time a trust can be set-up to help the children in a much more direct and efficient manner than in the current situation.”

We understand from Fevzi Hussein that it is hoped to use this story as a positive case study, and move towards developing a charitable trust, which will be available to support gifted young Turkish Cypriots to achieve their aspirations in the context of moving into the field of medicine.



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