December 9, 2022

Cyprusscene welcomes Ismail Veli

By Chris Elliott

Cyprusscene are pleased to welcome Ismail Veli as a writer on our pages and he will be sharing some very interesting articles about Cyprus history and future, plus he will also be sharing more information about the Families of Lurucina from his website.

Ismail Veli

Arriving in the UK on September 25 1962, and being only 6 years old, for Ismail the break from a rural village setting into one of the greatest capital cities in the world was a traumatic but exciting experience. Let’s not forget that his village in Cyprus, “Lurucina” in 1962, electricity was just coming through, there was no running water, television or any amenities remotely modern to think of. Unlike today, when children can sit in front of the TV and Computers and see the world evolve before their eyes, by comparison all they had were dreams and stories told by a few elders who had either served in the British army or by the few who may have returned to the village to visit relatives.

Ismail became a successful businessman in the UK but has remained a champion of Turkish Cypriot human rights and is very active trying to promote and protect that cause.

From a young age he developed a passion to learn more of Lurucina (Akincilar) and after many years of painstaking work, he created a fantastic web page which records the history of the village and its people. Please click here to view “Families of Lurucina

To read more of Lurucina (or Akincilar) as recorded on, please follow the links below :

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