November 26, 2022

CESV – Flying with the eagles.

By Claire Lamb

The day dawned bright and sunny, a typical North Cyprus summer day. With endless blue skies and not a cloud in sight it looked like a fine time for our adventurous member Nigel Reeves to take to the air. Whilst his supporters gathered at the landing site behind Bell Foods, binoculars pointing at the sky and cameras ready to roll our intrepid member prepared for his first ever paraglide! This an account from the man himself, Nigel Reeves!

 “After a short drive from our meeting point at the harbour we finally reached our take DCIM100GOPROoff point (a very high 2500 feet) – a peak slightly higher than St. Hilarion! . ‘Hmm, this looks a bit high’ is what was running through my head. Anyway we had no time to think as it was harnesses on ready for action.

As we stood at the take off point the wind was not quite right for some 3-4 minutes, though it seemed like an eternity. I calmly walked forward and away we went, just myself, Petr the pilot and a dirty great canopy. I would describe it as gliding through the air, sitting back and relaxing. An unbelievable feeling of euphoria and adrenaline kicking in. The flight itself was wonderful, and recommended as something well worth doing. The views were Flying CESVspectacular, with a unique view of St Hilarion from a height of 4500ft.

However, the highlight came shortly after takeoff. Manoeuvring left we kept close to the mountains. There below us were a pair of eagles just gliding on the thermals. We then saw them rise before us, higher and higher through the skies. From someone who enjoys Natural History, it was never going to get any better than that. We sank gracefully back down to earth then it was time to view the pictures taken whilst airborne and thank the great group of guys responsible for this experience.

If anyone is interested in taking part in a tandem paraglide please check out the website where you can find pictures and contact details. If you only have one adventure, this is the one I would recommend!

The Creditwest treasure hunt 2013 provided this trip as a raffle prize which was won by me and the prize was kindly DCIM100GOPROdonated by Highline Paragliding.

The event was a memorable occasion for the CESV group, as we actually completed our first major fundraising event. In Nov 2012 Steve Collard & Nigel Reeves, sat down with Corrina Phillips and Brian Hardie, the organisers of the rally. Several months later we all had a memorable day at the Kervan Restaurant in the morning, and Balci Plaza later that day. Sue Kirby – a fellow CESV member spent many hours pounding the pavements to collect as many raffle prizes as possible.

Many businesses supported the event by giving donations ranging from the paraglide, to meals out, a car service, a printer and a fun filled trolley dash donated by Lemar. It all culminated in 6015tl being raised which has so far purchased a training defib and 3 choking Charlie vests. We are also in the process of buying a programmable resuscitation mannequin, to aid our training sessions and neck collars, which will be provided to all emergency service vehicles.

Many thanks go to all those who have helped to raise funds, which in turn help us to equip and train as many people as possible in 1st aid skills. If you are interested in what the CESV are about please visit our website . “

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