July 3, 2022

TRNC News Today 2nd August 2013


President Derviş Eroğlu has said that 1st of August has a symbolic mark and importance with regard to the struggle of existence and freedom of the Turkish Cypriots in the island.

GKK - TRNC Security Forces
GKK – TRNC Security Forces

President Eroğlu has issued a public message on the 442nd anniversary of the Cyprus Conquest by the Ottomans, 55th anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Resistance Organization and the 37th anniversary of the establishment of Security Forces Commandership.

Having reminded that the Cyprus Conquest occurred  on 1st August 1571, Eroğlu has said that Turkish Resistance Organization, which resisted bravely against the Greek Cypriots and Greeks common decision of uniting Cyprus to Greece, was established on 1st August 1958. Eroğlu has also remarked that the Security Forces Commandership, which with the Turkish Armed Forces is the assurance of the free and sovereign life in the island, was established on 1st August 1976.

Eroğlu: ‘Every TRNC Citizen who wants to live under the roof of his/her own government and protect his/her freedom and sovereignty and every Turkish Citizen who is aware of the importance of the defence of Cyprus National Cause needs to understand the value of these 3 dates more deeply.’


Eroğlu continued: ‘If the Turkish Resistance Organization was not established within Turkey’s knowledge and care, Greek Cypriots and Greeks would have achieved their Enosis hopes.

Establishment of the Security Forces Commandership is one of the nicest consequences of the 20th July Peace Operation. If the 20th July Peace Operation was not realized, a Hellenic Republic controlling South Cyprus would have dominated the whole island. As I always highlight, our universities, media, state television and Ministry of National Education and Culture must work harder in order to uncover these truths. We need to raise the awareness of our youth for the future.

We do not have an eye on the land or sovereignty of any government.  We do not bear a grudge to anyone but it is difficult for us to say the same for the opposite side.  Hence we need to know the past well for the future.

The Cyprus issue has to be resolved. This island should not be a place for conflicts but a co-operation place for common political and social interests of both sides.

With this awareness and determination, we are ready for the negotiations in October. We do not want to encounter any distraction tricks. We need to have a resolution as soon as possible with fruitful and limited negotiations.  It is the desire of the majority of our community. We are out of patience. We do not claim something that we do not have rights on.

Cyprus Flag
Cyprus Flag

We hope that, our Greek Cypriot neighbours understand that we are not a community of visitors from 1571 and have the same rights on this island as much as they have, in order to reach a solution.

Miscalculation always misdirects. No one should hope that we will return to before 1974. We shall never give up our government, sovereignty, freedom and safety which are left to us as our historical legacy.

With these feelings and thoughts, may God rest the soul of every soldier who is not here with us right now, martyrs of the conquest of Cyprus and our freedom struggle and I celebrate the 1st of August Communal Resistance Day of our community with open arms.”

Source : TRNC Public Information Office

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