March 25, 2023


English Language Academy which commenced education under Girne American University Istanbul Campus – the first education building is franchising education in all regions of Turkey initiating from Hatay BEM training center.

The agreement signed in GAU Hatay, by GAU Campus Co-ordinator Hüseyin Ata and GAU Hatay Representative Mehmet Sami Bayram will enhance the language level in the region through ELA Language School education under BEM training center.

GAU Hatay Education Agreement
GAU Hatay Education Agreement

GAU Campus Co-ordinator Hüseyin Ata has emphasized that ELA, which provides global professional English and Cambridge ESOL standard education, will allow students to learn a higher standard of English with no necessity to travel abroad.  Ata also stated that ELA-English Language Academy centered in Canterbury-England will also commence education in Hatay following Istanbul.

 “ELA also provides fluent speaking in English aside from its international atmosphere, professional academic staff and perfect English grammar education. Our general English program is composed of 5 levels. Our courses are orientated upon four main skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing. ELA participants can join a  “Let’s Talk” speaking program to enhance their speaking skills. Each course provides new approaches together with interesting ideas. Our general English classes focus on enhancing vocabulary learning skills, and language skill developments for beginner level participants.”

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