December 2, 2022

Karpaz Petroleum Disaster


Girne American University (GAU) Mediterranean Underwater Research CentrPetroleum spillagee began examination studies after the disaster which occurred in İskele-Kalecik on the Southern Coast of the Karpaz peninsula. in the TRNC.

As has been stated by GAU Mediterranean Underwater Research Centre, petroleum composed sea accidents are the biggest disaster to occur in the sea, as has been revealed by all environmental organizations. The reason for this is emphasized that after the spread, despite all interventions, pollution cannot be completely cleaned due to the petrol’s chemical structure composition forming a layer on the water surface. If this layer reaches areas (such as cove, gulf and lagoon etc.), which is delicate in ecological balance, with the surface current and wind this can result in enormous and permanent harm to the marine life in the region as has been explained by the authority of GAU Mediterranean Underwater Research Centre’s Professional Engineer, Bihter Asena YANAR. Yanar also stated that in order to reduce this kind ofTests 1 high risk after the spreading, the first intervention to be done is to limit the pollution on the surface with the use of booms, to keep from the risk zone and/or keep distant. The most effective method of separation of isolated petroleum from the sea is by proceeding filtering systems of vessels equipped with ultra-centrifuge and separation equipment and re-emptying or filtering pollution from the sea water by using elements like absorbent and/or adsorbent with various binding features. Thereby methods (nevertheless known effective) experts announce to reach up to 50% filtering.

Yanar also added that; “The petroleum which is left in the seawater, naturally separates and turns into a harmless component after a long period of time. However, in this period of time it causes substantial damage to the environment as well as to living beings. In the studies which were made by the scientists on an oil pollution in the sea, the period of the petroleTests 2um’s fission in the sea depends on the water’s physicochemical and biochemical structure. Following the separation, some elements of petroleum’s chemical composition (C, H, O, S, N) will lead the environment to become polluted by the biological aspect, yet some heavy metals in the petroleum composition (Pb, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd) could sink to the sea- bottom and has a threat potential for the marine species and human health.”

Examinations have further explained that the sea surface is covered with petroleum layer and light transparency is decreasing and also water is distorted through physiochemical and biochemical parameters. This swift distortion in water quality and pollution of petroleum is causing further harm on regional micro and macro flora and fauna. Finally it has been stated that necessary action must be taken to avoid further distortion on living beings in the region.

2 thoughts on “Karpaz Petroleum Disaster

  1. I have lived in Alaska and worked for the Department of Natural Resources for 30 years before moving to Cyprus. I know about oil spills! Booms help with containment IF they are placed immediately after a spill, IF the sea is quiet and IF there is equipment readily available to pump the contained oil out for filtering. Absorbents are chemicals which wreak havoc on the habitat and the ecosystem. The fact is that the greedy oil companies, politicians, developers and investors don’t know how to effectively deal with oil spills.

    It broke my heart to learn that there were 3 oil spills in one month at İskele-Kalecik. Cyprus, the land of sunshine, is the perfect location for solar energy in my humble opinion!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I think a lot of people will agree that disasters like this could be avoided if companies were not so greedy and did not cut corners.

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