December 10, 2022

200 Days online – the Website of

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

By Ralph Kratzer

It was Christmas time 2012.

TFR-LogoAfter a relatively short time of developing, and with the invaluable help of the TFR-members Margaret Sheard and Chris Elliott, the new website “” was presented to the members of the club.

So it is now nearly 200 days that the blog has been online.

StatistikTime for a little bit of statistics.

The blog is mainly run by 3 persons, and  they  are “kyreniacatkin” (Margaret Sheard – author and chief editor), “kyreniacommentator” (Chris Elliott – author and best of all webmasters) and “tfrsecretary” (Ralph Kratzer – author and operator). Under the author´s alias “tfrnorthcyprus” all posts are published which come by a third party or source.

The figures I present to you now, and which are provided by, have surprised myself the most: (figures are rounded)

Views (visits on the website)

  • Total views up till now: 19.000
  • That makes an average of nearly 100 views a day
  • Best day: 222 views
  • Ranking of views by country: Turkey incl. TRNC (8500), UK (3300), Germany (2400), South Cyprus (1550), USA (700), rest is other countries

New first time visitors

  • 4620 new first time visitors from 110 different countries worldwide since 15th January 2013 (when we started counting)
  • Top ten of new first time visitors: Turkey incl. TRNC (1220), UK (900), USA (800), South Cyprus (550), Germany (300), France (110), Canada (70), Netherlands (45), Australia (45), India (40)
  • Other new visitors from countries like: New Zealand, Brazil, Fiji, Bahrain, Mauritius, Ivory Coast, Vietnam… and so many others!

Top posts (to remember – click the links)

  • Top posts published (by views):
  •  Top rated articles (evaluated by the readers):
    • Snow wonder in North Cyprus – click here
    • Master Musicians Reunite in North Cyprus – click here
    • Members interview with Ruth Reiter – click here
    • Sinterklaas – a Dutch Christmas… – click here

Blog followers

  • 340 permanent followers worldwide, means readers who want to get an email whenever a new post is published

Statistik_2I think these are enough statistics for the moment!

Not too bad for a little blog published 6 months ago in one of the smallest countries worldwide, North Cyprus.

I hope you will stay with us and our blog and recommend us to your friends, acquaintances and relatives, neighbours and whoever you meet on the streets…!

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