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TRNC News Today 28th June 2013


President Dervis Eroğlu said that  the Turkish Cypriot side is ready to solve the Cyprus problem and if the Greek Cypriot side gets ready to solve the Cyprus problem, it may be resolved within one year.

Speaking to Al Jazeera television, President Dervis Eroğlu underlined that the Turkish Cypriot side voted ‘yes’ for the Annan Plan which was prepared in 2004 but the Greek Cypriot side refused it. Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiadis said that the Greek Dervis ErogluCypriot side is not ready for a solution in the island due to the economical crisis in the south.

Adding that he hopes to reach a settlement during the negotiations which may start in October, Eroğlu said that there is not any chapter which was not discussed during the negotiations. Eroğlu underlined that  the Turkish Cypriot side demands a bi-zonal, bi-communal federal state which depends on political equality.  The Greek Cypriots do not want to leave the Cyprus Republic that’s why they never want to reach a settlement in the island and they voted ‘no’ for the Annan plan.

As an answer to a question of  an Al Jazeera reporter regarding embargoes imposed on the TRNC, President Eroğlu said that unfortunately many countries, especially the European Union,  still impose embargoes on the TRNC although the Turkish Cypriots voted ‘yes’ for the Annan plan.  He continued: “There is only one airport in the TRNC and there are not any direct flights to the TRNC. Turkish Cypriots never deserved this. First of all, embargoes on freedom of travel should be lifted.”

As an answer to another question regarding the TRNC’s relation with the Islamic countries, Eroğlu said ‘We have diplomatic relations with the Islamic countries. We have many representative offices in the Islamic cou Nikos Anastasiadisntries. In my statements made during the meetings of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, I always made call to the Islamic countries to develop their economical relations with the TRNC, to make investments and to move their relations to better points’.

Moreover, as an answer to a question regarding TRNC’s relation with Turkey, Eroğlu said that during his political career, he has always spent efforts to move TRNC’s relation with Turkey to better points and that is why, today, we have a sincere relationship with Turkey. Referring to the water project to be supplied by Turkey and planned to be finished in March 2014, Eroğlu said ‘Both sides in Cyprus can get the advantage of this project but the Greek Cypriot side refuses to gain the advantage of the project by taking the policy into consideration while they should give importance to their necessity.  In Cyprus, Greece and the Greek Cypriot side created problems in Cyprus but both countries entered into the EU.  At the moment, Turkey tries to enter into the EU but it has been demanded from Turkey to solve the Cyprus problem and then enter into the EU. This is completely wrong’.


 TRNC President Derviş Eroğlu made a speech at the opening ceremony of the 45th Iskele Festival last night.

Pointing out that the international community had a great responsibility towards achieving a settlement in Cyprus, Eroğlu said that one of the leading reasons for the non-solution of the problem was the Greek Cypriot side’s unilateral membership to the EU and the recognition of the so-called Republic of Cyprus by the international community. The duty of the sides responsible for the deadlock in Cyprus is to warn the Greek Cypriot side and lift the embargoes imposed on the TRNC.

President Derviş Eroğlu said that the Cyprus TurkishEmbargoed 2 side was working hard to achieve a lasting and viable solution to the Cyprus Problem but added that the Greek Cypriot side did not want a solution.

Also addressing the opening ceremony, President Derviş Eroğlu highlighted the importance of living under the roof and protection of the State.   Eroğlu said that they have been fighting for the existence of the State since the 1974 Turkish Peace Operation.

Touching upon the Cyprus Issue, President Derviş Eroğlu said that they were working towards reaching a lasting and viable settlement in Cyprus but reaching a settlement in Cyprus is only possible with the desire of both sides.   He also stressed that the unjust embargoes imposed on the TRNC contradicted with human rights and that the Greek Cypriot side should be encouraged towards reaching a settlement if the UN re-evaluated its resolution not to recognize the TRNC.


US Ambassador to South Cyprus, John Koenig, said “the negotiations in Cyprus should bring up the federation solution within a reasonable time. The negotiations made by intervening parties are “a proper ground” for restarting of the negotiations”.

Greek Cypriot daily Simerini published the interview of Greek Cypriot News Agency conducted with US Ambassador to South Cyprus, Koenig.  The newspaper stated that John KoenigKoenig has the opinion that giving Maraş to Greek Cypriots will change the dynamics in the Cyprus problem positively and added “Benefitting from the developments in Turkey, South Lefkoşa is ready to submit its known proposal concerning the returning of Maraş to Brussels.   The Diplomatic backstage formed in Brussels is convenient for the proposal of Cyprus and the first impression concerning the proposal is positive”.

According to the newspaper, Koenig referred also to the role of Ankara in the Cyprus problem and he stated that Turkey has paid a price due to the Cyprus problem, and the Cyprus problem creates difficulties in membership negotiations with the EU, and added that this is not a fair thing. He also emphasized that the energy field is a new and dynamic factor enabling all countries in the area to resist.

Replying to the question ‘what kind of attempts Washington made in order to assist for the restarting of the Cyprus negotiations, Koenig said “We give importance to the restarting of negotiations, by virtue of decisions of  the UN Security Council, we are clear that the negotiations should restart under the auspices of the UN in order to reunify Cyprus under a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation” and added that he discussed with all partners in recent months for assisting in this direction.

Replying to the question whether any conclusion is achieved in these negotiations or not, he said “I believe that some matters are clarified. One of them is that the parties should show interest to a new well-prepared attempt. Even this is a good ground for the restart of the negotiations.”

Replying to the question whether there is any negotiation concerning the returning of Maraş or not, Koenig said:  “An old opinion which is brought into the agenda again as a very important potential step by Greek Cypriots is discussed.  We understand that the value of such an important step will change the dynamics in the Cyprus problem positively. The opinion should be examined by the parties carefully.”


 The General Assembly of the TÜRKSOY Theatre Association was held in Baku on June 24 – 26 2013.

The TÜRKSOY Theatre Association was founded in Antalya in 2011 and the TRNC was one of the founding members. According to the statement of the TRNC Tourism, Environment and Culture Ministry, the  TRNC Turksoy logohas been represented by the Director of the Turkish Cypriot State Theatres, Hakan Yolcu, at the Assembly.

It was stated in the statement that the future co-operation activities between theatres of Turkic Speaking Countries, joint co-operation projects, mutual exchange of experience and support of the member countries were discussed in the Assembly and Hakan Yolcu made a speech and informed the audience about the Turkish Cypriot Theatre and mentioned that  the TRNC desires to organize a theatre festival in the TRNC by the participation of the TÜRKSOY member countries.


 According the statement of the Head of the Akdeniz Media Group, Hüseyin Macit Yusuf,  TV SatelitteAkdeniz TV which is one of the local TV channels of  the TRNC has signed a contract to broadcast via satellite.

It was mentioned in the statement that Akdeniz Media Group signed a contract with Türk-Sat and Akdeniz TV will broadcast to the whole world via Türk-Sat’s Turkey package.  Hüseyin Macit Yusuf underlined that with their young and experienced team they will be the voice of  the TRNC in the whole world by their broadcasts.


 Greek Cypriot Administration is trying to prevent applications to the Immovable Property Commission (IPC) by the ex Greek Cypriot owners of the properties in the TRNC. A decision recently taken by the Greek Cypriot Council of Ministers envisages that Greek Cypriots can sell their properties to other Greek Cypriots instead of applying to the IPC, selling their property to a Turkish Cypriot and getting their compensation.

Greek Cypriot newspaper Fileleftheros published the news under the headline ‘Barrier to Alienation of Greek Cypriot Properties’ Immovable Property Commission (IPC)and wrote that the Greek Cypriot Council of Ministers has established a committee composed of Ministers of Internal Affairs, Finance and Justice and this committee is going to investigate the incentives to be given to the Greek Cypriots who want to sell or buy properties in the TRNC.

According to the news, one of the incentives is that there shall be no transfer fee in the transactions in which both the buyer and the seller are Greek Cypriots. Similarly the right to get the property back is given to the seller at any time he wants in the future.

Greek Cypriot newspaper Politis published the news under the headline ‘Sale Incentives to Greek Cypriots’ and underlined that the ministers committee established recently has not only the duty of easing the sales from Greek to Greek but also shall envisage further proposals in order to obstruct the Greek Cypriot applications to the IPC.   The newspaper also wrote that more than 5000 applications were made to the IPC and the IPC has already paid 119 million British Pounds for friendly sale agreements.


The same newspaper also wrote under the headline ‘Investigation Committee starting to CYTAwork related to the buying and selling of  Turkish Cypriot properties in South Cyprus’ that the committee has started to investigate the sale of the Turkish Cypriot property in Mormenekşe village to the Greek Cypriot Telecommunications Administration (CYTA)

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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