October 3, 2022


The American College teachers providing education under the GAU Group of Schools have commenced seminars in respect of the new academic year to enhance educational techniques.

The seminar of “Drama in Education”, which was attended by the teachers of American College, was also attended by fine theatre artist of Cyprus, Yaşar Ersoy. The emphasis of the seminar was about the significance of drama in eGAU logo smlducation and also the liberalization of childhood imagination thus giving significance of human in theatre performances. Ersoy also emphasised the importance of theatre with regard to enhancing discipline, order, rules and abilities.

Yaşar Ersoy underlined that “Drama must be included into the curriculum for it has been reported in researches conducted over many years to prove the necessity of drama as a main pillar rather than a brief subject in the educational system. I am very glad for the participation of the GAU group of schools’  teachers. Special thanks to the principal of Girne American Primary School, Nagehan Diner, for her interest. I wish this example to be implemented extensively in all other schools”.

American College authorities have stated that seminars and studies will be undertaken in the near future for further development and enhancement of the education system.

Yaşar Ersoy addresses the audience

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