July 7, 2022


GAU is providing simulation training stations and an open air laboratory for the 4 year programs of Transportation and Logistics and Deck (Shipping Management Engineering) under Maritime and Transportation Higher School.

Captain Eftal Safel, the Principal of Maritime and TranCaptain Eftal Safelsportation Higher School, has stated that GAU students who continue their education under a 4 year undergraduate program will have the opportunity to achieve internships in international waters and intercontinental seas.   It has also  been stressed that GAU is the first and only university amongst all of TRNC universities to provide an opportunity for the students to undertake practical education in the international waters of the Mediterranean.

A statement underlined that the GAU diploma is recognized world-wide as a result of the recognition and accreditation by the Maritime Ministry and Maritime Undersecretary of the Turkish Republic.

3 Simulators, Training Pool and 2 Stations will provide service in TRNC

GAU Cyprus Girne Campus provides education with Deckhouse, GMDSS and Liquid Cargo Handling Simulators within an area of 120m2 in the Techno Park, fire and advanced fire station and a Safety in Sea open air mounted training facility and training pool, besides Sailing, Navigation and First Aid laboratories which take place under the Maritime and Transportation Higher School. It has been underlined that the facilities will significantly contribute to the maritime education both for student development and the TRNC.

The Meteorology Observation Station is also aimed to be completed in the near future in line with other scientific infrastructures which are in progress of construction and should be completed by the new academic year. For detailed information with regard to the curriculum, please see www.gau.edu.tr.

GAU Training pool

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  1. My ex-neighbour in Camelot area, Eftal, speaks excellent English, has a great sense of humour and is a knowledgeable man. Great to see him become an academic in his homeland.

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