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GAU – No Unreachable Country Nor Unvisited Harbour Will There Be

No Unreachable Country Nor Unvisited Harbour Will There Be Girne American University (GAU) Maritime and Transportation College gives education for four years with Transportation and Logistic.  Simulator, education station and outdoor laboratories are being put into service of education for the Deck (Maritime Transportation Management Engineering) Departments. Students […]

Future Mariners Preferred Girne American University – GAU

FUTURE MARINERS PREFERED GAU By gautalk Girne American University (GAU) Higher School of Maritime and Transportation, ranked first in occupancy ratings amongst all private universities of Turkey and TRNC following the University Positioning Examination (LYS). Following the announcement of the LYS results http://www.denizhaber.com website have stated that the […]

GAU – New Era in Maritime Education

GAU WILL LEAVE A MARK AND BUILD AWARENESS IN INTERNATIONAL MARITIME EDUCATION GAU is providing simulation training stations and an open air laboratory for the 4 year programs of Transportation and Logistics and Deck (Shipping Management Engineering) under Maritime and Transportation Higher School. Captain Eftal Safel, the Principal […]

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