October 3, 2022

CESV train Forest Fireman

 By Claire Lamb

A sunny Sunday dawned on 16th June and several of the CESV members set off for the Civil A delightful sceneDefense base at Esentepe in readiness to train the forest fire recruits in first aid. On arrival we were all stunned by the fabulous location and wished that all our training sessions were so scenic!

In total 28 forest fire fighters turned up from Tatlısu to Girne. The course was due to take 5 hours but due to an elevated fire risk we had to condense our training into two and a half hours – just proves that we can adapt to any situation.

The course started with an introduction to first aid and covered some of the topics the firemen may come across. Then came the fun part! The CESV members had split into 3 groups each covering a different subject ready for the hands on section of the training. One group had a knife sticking out of one of our members ( the amazing make up skills of some of Stuart Mitchell and Alan Warboys made this so realistic that some of the men asked what had happened!) to train the men on how to treat an embedded object. The next group had a very realistic leg fracture to deal with – we kept those make up boys busy!

The final group were being taught how to put someone in the recovery position and how to administer CPR. Despite these being serious skills, which could help to save a life, much fun Lunch for all at Alevkayasiand laughter was had along the way!

Once the training was complete we all followed Cemil Karzaoğlü (Boss man) up into the mountains to a wonderful restaurant called Alevkayasi. Those of us from the Tatlısu/Esentepe area knew the road and restaurant well but it was a magical mystery tour for our other members!

We all relaxed over a lovely meal in tranquil surroundings discussing dates for the next 3 training sessions for the forest fire fighters in Yeni Erenköy, Lefkosa and Guzelyurt and once again new friendships were forged from what was initially a working partnership.

If you are interested in seeing what the CESV get up to then please visit our website at http://www.cesvtrnc.com or, if you would like more information on how to join our ranks (it’s not all work and no play) or to arrange a first aid course for your friends or workmates then please email cesv.adm@gmail.com. We are always happy to welcome new members.

Editors Note: The CESV Volunteers work very closely with Civil Defense (Sivil Savunma) and the TRNC Emergency Services and play a very important role by giving first aid training as well as receiving training. As a result of these activities many new friendships are made as well as bringing North Cyprus communities together. In the weeks ahead, we will look in our personal file and will share with you on these pages, our past experiences with the CESV Volunteers.

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