February 6, 2023

John Aziz Kent’s Comments

A return to the Annan plan makes sense

By John Aziz Kent

Reading an article in the online Cyprus Mail by Loucas Charalambous in which he wrote : “If we had  a responsible political leadership it would have recognised the latest comments by Egemen Bağış, Turkey’s minister for EU affairs, as a big opportunity.” I made the following comment

Dear Friend Loucas Charalambous you have always been a realist with the Cyprus problem and so has Mr Nicos Rolandis and maybe a handful of other Cypriot Greek people telling the truth but the political parties and the church is always against any fair solution until they destroy Cyprus.John Aziz Kent sml They are sticking to the Greek Tragedies and believe in Mythology .

Alongside the Ottoman Empire. they cannot see the new world empire that wants a big part of Cyprus by way of punishing the Greek and Turkish people and the irony is they are having it done via the Cyprus Government by saying he is Greek or he is Turkish. We want Varosha or Morphou before we talk.

But as Mr Loucas Charalambous is saying, they insist in keeping the island protected by thousands of soldiers on both sides. A divided Cyprus, instead of realising all people are equal and they have the right to share in all of the wealth that god gave us. Our greed has kept us apart for 70 years now.

How mentally backward we are with no vision for the future. We want to be part of Europe or part of the UN and keep certain parts of our people outside but bring everybody in and throw the Turkish Cypriots out.  In fact throw Mr Nicos Rolandis out as well because he sees the truth and he believes in realities alongside Mr Loucas Charalambous and people like me in the North as well.

Kick us all out gentlemen in power and Mr Anastasiadis, The President.

This is the time to put a plan forward to the world arena, but a realistic plan based upon the truth and equality of the people. The Turkish and the Cypriot Turkish people are ready to agree on equal terms, hurry before we miss the boat again!

With sincere love to all people, help us please we have had enough of suffering. Both sides want a settlement!

Please do follow the link below to read Mr Charalambous’s article on the Cyprus Mail and when you see he recorded the following comment, it is clear there is an option for change if there is a willingness to accept the truth and move on.

Egemen Bagis 2“Bagis had said: “Right, let us look at the Annan plan again. The issues that they and we object to should be put on the negotiating table. Then, the issue of Varosha would be solved. There was, after all, a solution for it in the Annan plan. Let’s sit together somewhere and solve it. If the Annan plan was accepted there would be neither Greek nor Turkish army in Cyprus. The Greek Cypriots, by rejecting the Annan plan, told the Turkish army ‘stay’.”

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