December 6, 2022

The Foreign Nationals Band

Came Down Your Way

By Chris Elliott

So Saturday the 1st June saw what was believed to be the first event of its kind when the Foreign Nationals band came down your way on a truck,  playing their music and enjoying their first ‘truck fest parade‘ from Lapta through to central Girne.

I managed to catch up with the boys when they drove into the Lemar,  Alsancak car park on the back of their truck and very quickly they switched on their generator and were very soon entertaining both shoppers, families Foreign Nationals arriive at Lemar Karakum smland fans alike who came to enjoy the occasion of the launching of the Foreign Nationals band in North Cyprus.

The Foreign Nationals band are comprised of (Brits) James Gray (drums) and Jack Irvin (base guitar), (Russian) Ivan Fidrovskiy (Rhythm guitar/vocals) and Cypriot Adem Oznedim (Lead guitar). and they had many supporters with them including Barry Snakes their mentor who was with them on the truck and acting as their sound man and helping them bring out their musical talent.

Soon it was time to move on again and  I soon caught up with the band again at Lemar, Karaoğlanoğlu car park where they reproduced their polished performance to the wide variety of people watching them perform. Again it was time to move on and for me the next and last meeting with the band was in the Lemar, Çatalköy car park where they again set up very quickly and were soon giving another  uplifting performance to yet more interested shoppers and followers.

At this time I bid them farewell as they moved on for their next performance at Supreme The Foreign Nationals have arrivedSupermarket, Çatalköy before they made their final journey to Kyrenia for a drive by performance near the Dome Hotel and I was very sad to miss this final event.

I would like to thank the band for some additional photos they have provided which I have used with my pictures and video clips to create a video which shows the fresh and exciting sound and performance they produce.

Come on folks if you have not seen them, pick up your ticket for a repeat performance when they will  be at the Jasmine Court Hotel and  they will be playing their young hearts out in aid of Help Those With Cancer Association – Tulips.


Foreign Nationals poster 2


3 thoughts on “TRNC Foreign Nationals Rock Band came to town

  1. they are fantastic and please support them on Saturday and watch for many future concerts

    1. Thank you for your comment Barry and thank you also for helping us with our project to promote a great new band and we look forward to being with you all again on Saturday 8th June.

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