November 26, 2022

Trevor’s Tips – June 2013

Propane Gas

The TRNC Government has realised that they are missing out on uncollected revenue and this  time it’s propane gas tanks.

When the tank has been installed, the owner of the property should have in their possession a safety certificate, confirming the tank has been installed correctly and meets all safety regulations.

All too often the customer is not aware they should be in receipt of this certificate. However, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that they do have this certificate. When purchasing a resale property with an installed gas tank, you should request from the seller that you are given this certificate; otherwise propane_tank[1]you are liable for any back dated unpaid permit fees, and backdated fines. Ignorance is not an acceptable defence; it is the home owner’s responsibility to ensure the tank complies with the Law!

Your responsibility does not end there. When your tank has been passed as safe, you must apply to your nearest Ministry of Interior for an annual permit, which is currently costing 30 TL per annum.

The Government has obtained all the addresses, from the gas suppliers, of customers who are having their tanks filled by their preferred supplier. If you cannot produce a certificate when the tank was installed you will need to start the process as if you are having it installed for the first time. When your application has been received by the Ministry, an officer from the Fire Department will visit your property to assess whether your tank complies with safety regulations, or not.

In real terms your tank is an unexploded bomb, and surely you would not dream of having one of these tanks fitted in your garden in the UK without the Local Authorities approved planning permission, would you?

See and print attached application form click here.

Father’s Day

Don’t forget kids, it’s Father’s Day on Sunday the Fathers Day16th June 2013. Your parents spend a considerable amount of time and money, bringing you up over all those years. Contact him and thank him from the bottom of your heart. It’s the least you can do.

Sorry that is all for this month folks, other than the above, all is quiet on the western front.


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