February 4, 2023

John Aziz Kent’s Comments

Cyprus – suspicious land deal

By John Aziz Kent

I read an article in the online Cyprus Mail published on the 30th May and felt compelled to make the following comment.

“Just for the record and the truth, before 1974 no Turkish Cypriot was allowed to purchase land or any other immovable property from the Greek Cypriots no matter how good friends they were.

It was the unwritten law of the Cyprus Land Registry Office and I suffered this when I came from the UK to buy from a Greek fJohn Aziz Kent smlriend in Kyrenia so that I could build a hotel. That was in 1969 even though the Director of the Land Registry Office was my best friend in Cyprus, but because my name was John Aziz Kent, Mr Nikos Chagallis told me the truth.

You can never have a Greek property registered to a Turkish person but Greek people could buy as many properties they liked from the Turks.

That can be investigated, so it can help today’s property problem on the Cyprus reunification.

The arrogance will be less for an agreement as it is the biggest problem with the negotiation. It may help the politicians if they really tell the truth to each other and the past can be used for the benefit of all Cypriots.

Just tell all the truth to the youth of both sides of the past so that everybody knows how and when the whole problem started.

Love to everybody and God bless”.

Do follow this link below and read this article and the various comments as it is so important that the truth be known and understood.


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