January 27, 2023


By Margaret Sheard

Girne American University have announced news of their program of underwater research designed to protect the seas both now and for future generations in the area of the Mediterranean and local coasts. It is so important to protect the environment and particularly the marine life which could become endangered so this is a vital program to ensure that the future of our seas is protected.

The Mediterranean Underwater Research Centre is established under the GAU Cyprus, Girne Campus, Chancellor’s Office. The Founding Rector and Chancellor of the Board of Administrators, Serhat Akpınar, was interviewed by GAU TV about the GAU Mediterranean Underwater Research Centre’s significant contributions through commencing seabed and home range research programs in the Mediterranean and local coasts and also for the Mediterranean underwater biological varieties science literature.

Akpınar stressed that the GAU Mediterranean Underwater Research Centre has established a vision of “Let Us Save Our Seas And Future”. Akpınar also underlined that the GAU Cyprus-Girne campus houses the Research Office and Laboratories of the Centre while the Implementation Centre is situated at the GAU Social Facilities and Tourism and Hotel Implementation Centre at Camelot Beach Club.

“Underwater Researches will be an International Centre of Attention”

Akpınar stated that, the centre, which will undertake researches for Serhat Akpinarseabed and home range in the Mediterranean and local coasts and also for the Mediterranean underwater biological varieties, sea pollution, underwater archeology and sunken rocks, Monachus Monachus (Mediterranean seals) and Caretta Caretta and Green Turtles significant reproduction areas in Northern Cyprus will be active from 15th of June 2013 and onwards. Akpınar further mentioned that GAU Mediterranean Underwater Research Centre will indeed be an international centre of attention for Northern Cyprus underwater scientific underwater researches.

“Karpaz will be another Research Centre through GAU Karpaz Life Campus”

Akpınar stressed that researches for seabed and home range in Mediterranean will be initiated in Girne. The other branch of the centre will be under GAU Karpaz Life Campus and the aim will be to allow Karpaz to be the centre of attention for Underwater Research.

GAU Mediterranean Underwater Research Centre will have co-operation amongst local non-governmental organizations and relevant official organizations, overseas universities, international non-governmental organizations and environment organizations under the theme of protecting our seas and future thus giving attention to nature orientated, environmental and sea pollution and reinforcing social awareness through various social responsibility projects, conferences, seminars, workshops and training.

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