October 2, 2022

6th Lapta Tourism Festival
Cake and Dessert Competition

By Margaret Sheard

This sounds a lovely competition and knowing there are many brilliant cooks out there this should be a good Pictureopportunity to show off just what you can do in the world of baking.

There will be a Cake and Dessert Competition on 15th June as part of the 6th Lapta Tourism Festival and this will be held at the Sempati Hotel in Lapta starting at 4pm. There will be a 10TL entry fee and prizes for the best cakes and desserts.

I wonder if they will want a “taster” for all of the lovely cakes and desserts which will be entered! Maybe I will offer my services, or maybe not, have to think of the waistline!

For more information contact Berke Ertopaloğlu on 0533 834 9878 or Sally on 0533 840 3845

Cake & Dessert Poster

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