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TRNC News Today 10th May 2013 


TRNC President, Dr. Derviş Eroğlu, stated that South Cyprus had economic problems and these problems could not be overcome in a short time, and added that they could not wait for the Greek Cypriots to solve their economic problems and start the negotiations afterwards.

Underlining that the Cyprus problem is a long standing dispute; Eroğlu stated that the Turkish Cypriot people were running out of patience.

Pointing out that they look for ways of a lasting agreement in Cyprus, Eroğlu underlined that an agreement to be reached in the light of Dervis Eroglurealities can be a lasting agreement.

“This is not an issue which can be solved with the intention of only one side. We sat at the negotiation table while we had economic problems. There was pressure from the EU and the UN. Thus economic problems cannot be given as an excuse for long”  said the President.

Eroğlu said that he hoped he could sit at the negotiation table with the leader of Greek Cypriot Administration as soon as possible, and added that he forwarded their demands on this subject to the Greek Cypriot side through several ways.

The President also stressed that a time limit should be imposed on the negotiations since the talks had started over 40 years ago.

 The President reminded  that they will meet with the Greek Cypriot Administration Leader, Nikos Anastasiadis, at a dinner on 29 May and he would try to determine a road map and try to take the views of the other side on this issue.

Eroğlu also stated that they were aware of the fact that they were not alone and the Cyprus issue was not only the issue of the Turkish Cypriots but it was also a concern of Turkey. Eroğlu added that they always worked with co-operation with the Turkish government for solving the Cyprus problem.

Eroğlu also said that having a result with the negotiations was their priority however the negotiations had been continuing for over 40 years and Turkish Cypriots have no more patience and if there is not to be a possibility for a solution they would need to re-evaluate the position of Northern Cyprus.


The TRNC President, Dr. Derviş Eroğlu, has received the Secretary General of the UN Herve LadsousPeacekeeping Operations, Herve Ladsous.

The TRNC President’s Under-secretary Hasan Güngör, President’s Special Representative and Spokesperson Osman Ertuğ and the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative to Cyprus Lisa Buttenheim attended the meeting held at the TRNC Presidential Palace.

 No statement was made concerning the meeting however the press members were allowed to take photographs.


The Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (TCCC) organized an event for Europe Day yesterday. TRNC President Derviş Eroğlu, Republican Turkish Party Leader Özkan Yorgancıoğlu, Foreign Country Heads of Mission and representatives of the European Commission attended the event.

The TRNC President, Derviş Eroğlu, made a call to the European Politicians to upgrade the relations with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in his speech for Europe Day which was organized by the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (TCCC). Eroğlu stated that Turkish Cypriot people targeted to be part of the European Union not because they have economic or political problems but because European Union logothey feel close to European people and European life style.

The President underlined that although the result of the referenda in 2004 was a disappointment for the Turkish Cypriots they continued to make effort to promote the relations with the EU. Lastly Eroğlu mentioned that Turkish Cypriots were appreciating the contributions of the EU however the uncertainty of their position and the failure of the Direct Trade Regulation is creating sadness.

President of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (TCCC) Günay Çerkez also made a speech and pointed out that as a result of the unkept promises of the EU to Turkish Cypriots, people were losing their trust in the EU and stated that they were observing that European friends were punishing Turkish Cypriots who were willing to solve the Cyprus problem however rewarding the Greek Cypriots who always had been preventing a solution.


 The TRNC Presidency made a written statement concerning the restoration of Apostolos Andreas Monastery in Dipkarpaz village and stated that they undertook an initiative as the Apostolos Andreas MonasteryTurkish Cypriot side and the works were continuing and added that the works show that the Turkish Cypriot side gives importance to the protection of cultural heritage regardless of the origin.

In the statement, it was said: “We, as the Turkish Cypriot side, continue to support the studies of Cultural Heritage Technical Committee”.  We, as the Turkish Cypriot side, determine to make a contribution of about 2.5 million Euros for the restoration of the Monastery within the framework of the protocol signed between Turkish Cypriot Evkaf Foundation and the UNDP-PFF.  The restoration will be done within the scope of the project prepared by Patras University in Greece and the rules were determined by the Cultural Heritage Technical Committee.


Prime Minister, Irsen Küçük, issued a message due to the 9th May EU Day and said that: “Celebrating the 9th May Europe Day also in our country like in all European countries shows that our people’s future place is in the European Union”.

Stressing that the Turkish Cypriots said ‘yes’ to a comprehensive solution in Cyprus in 2004 and this determination was continuing with an effort made in the negotiation process, Prime Minister Irsen Küçük pointed out that after Nikos Anastasiadis had been elected as the new Greek Cypriot Leader all the calls made by the Turkish Cypriots with regard to the start of the negotiations urgently had no reply and added that this was worrying.

Küçük continued: “In addition to our Government’s support related to the negotiations, our Government also gives great support to the reform works done by using the EU as a guide in order to increase the welfare level of our people Irsen Küçükand to leave a modern State with its legal and administrative structure to future generations. Therefore in this respect we have enabled the preparation of a series of regulations compatible with the EU and these have come into operation by the approval of the assembly.

Our Parliamentarians from both the Government and the main opposition party have approved the EU reform laws unanimously as a result of our collaboration and our common will in terms of EU compliance. At the same time our Parliamentarians are having regular contact with EU officials in Brussels and Strasbourg in order to convey the Turkish Cypriots’ determination in terms of the EU to the related parties and to take initiatives to promote the continuation of EU support”.

Also pointing out that due to the administrative changes being experienced within the EU institutions it is considered that the will of the Turkish Cypriots has decreased, Prime Minister Küçük said that: “In this respect the EU institution’s changes in order to satisfy the Greek Cypriots cause disappointment.”

The Prime Minister completed his message saying: “Finally I would like to repeat that the common target of the Turkish Cypriots is to be in the EU and I would like to stress that the European Union cannot complete its integration process without the Turkish Cypriot people and motherland Turkey. We shall determinedly continue our reform works which are aimed at EU compliance. I wish that our determination shall be considered by the EU and the Greek Cypriot side will be motivated towards the solution of the Cyprus problem as soon as possible.  I congratulate particularly the Turkish Cypriot people and all European people for the 9th May Europe Day”.


In the meeting with the Deputy President of Iran Dehkurdi, Speaker of Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) Cemil Çiçek expressed his sadness due to the change in Cemil Çiçekattitude of Iran towards the Cyprus problem and reminded that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus continues its entity as an observer in the Organization of Islamic Co-operation (OIC).

Stating that a decision concerning active co-operation with the TRNC was taken at the Cairo Summit in February, but Iran started to interrogate the existence of the TRNC, Çiçek said:

“Apart from official decisions, the TRNC is a Muslim country and that we should be in solidarity. Its observer status comes under question in the meeting held in Baku. Iran brings this subject into question. Questions are asked. They are not invited to the meeting. This seems as if there is a serious attitude change.”


The UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, met with the South Cyprus Greek Cypriot Administration Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yannis Ban ki MoonKasulidis.

According to the statement made by the Secretary-General Spokesperson’s Office, the recent developments in Cyprus and restarting of the negotiations by the leaders of the TRNC and South Cyprus were touched upon during the meeting at the UN Central Office.

It was also stated that the recent developments in Syria and the relations between Serbia-Kosovo had been evaluated in the meeting.

Kasulidis:”The negotiations cannot begin before fall”

According to the Greek Cypriot news, Kasulidis made a statement after the meeting with the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon and said that: “The argument that the Greek Cypriot side cannot start the negotiations before the Fall is understood well by Ban”.

In his statement Kasulidis said that he conveyed the Greek Cypriot Administration’s opinions to Ban regarding three subjects and continued as: “Firstly I expressed that the Leader (Nikos Anastasiadis) should focus on the precautions to be taken to invigorate the Ioannis Kasoulideseconomy as it occurred after the decision of the Euro Group. Therefore the negotiations should be postponed to the Fall”.

Kasulidis added that he said to the Secretary- General that the atmosphere between the two sides on the island should be eased and in this framework he made a proposal with regard to the administration of the closed area, Maras.

Defending that before the sides reached another agreement ‘the proposal of returning the closed area Maras to its rightful owners is within this framework’, Kasulidis added that: “In response to this we shall accept direct trade via Gazimagusa port which is under custody of the EU”.

Kasulidis also said that: “We shall consider opening of some negotiation headlines of Turkey that were blocked by the Greek Cypriot side. This is a proposal that will be favourable for all sides”.

Moreover upon being asked whether Ercan Airport shall be on the agenda or not, in response to the opening of the closed area Maras, Kasulidis replied  ‘No’.

Kasulidis : “The issue of natural gas is completely out of the Cyprus Problem.”

Kasulidis asserted that: “The issues related to natural gas are completely out of the efforts regarding the solution of the Cyprus problem”.

Kasulidis : “Rasmussen is contributing to delay of the solution”

Kasulidis also argued that: “If NATO Secretary-General thinks he is contributing to the efforts made for the solution of the Cyprus problem, he is wrong. On the contrary he is extending the time for reaching an agreement and also for solving the problems between NATO-EU”.


European Commissioner for Economy and Financial Affairs, Olli Rehn, also made a statement concerning the solution of Cyprus Olli Rehnproblem following the statement of NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Rehn stated that the reunification of Cyprus would provide an economic boost to the island.

Greek Cypriots are anxious because the opinion of immediately solving the Cyprus problem gained importance. The Greek Cypriots are complainant that the EU has been making pressure to them by using the economic crisis as a means for reuniting the island. DIKO made a criticism to the EU authorities that the solution of the Cyprus problem was not a timing problem and blamed Turkey for the deadlock of the Cyprus problem.


Stating that the portion of trade from the TRNC to North Iraq had been increased, the President of Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (TCCC) Gunay Çerkez expressed that the developments in the region created opportunities.

President of Turkey Iraq Investor Businessmen Association (TIIBA) Feridun Gunduz and the accompanying delegation visited TCCC yesterday and met with the president Gunay Çerkez and the member of Board of Directors Salih Celiker.

The co-operation possibilities between TCCC and TIIBA were also touched upon during tKTTOhe visit.

Informing the delegation about TCCC, Çerkez said that the number of students coming from North Iraq to the TRNC universities had increased.

Çerkez also pointed out that the water which would be transferred from Turkey would direct organic agriculture.

Upon the question of Gunduz related to hydrocarbon reserves in the Eastern Mediterranean Çerkez replied: “This is a big opportunity. The main ability is how the economic crisis in South Cyprus and explored natural gas can be used as a catalyze to realize the solution of the Cyprus problem.

Çerkez stated that the need of solving the Cyprus problem came out once again while the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East were being taken into consideration.

Expressing that more time should be allocated to Cyprus, the President of TIIBA Feridun Gunduz said that they would like to pay a visit again as soon as possible.

Gunduz stated that in the case of exchanging his experiences and the business people’s experiences in North Cyprus, a good collaboration opportunity would come out.

Stating that they would like to have meetings based on sectors, Gunduz said that the Iraq market had a big potential of trade.


The second information meeting under the framework of “Sustainable Economic Development and Information Systems Program” financed by the European Union (EU) was realized in Yenierenkoy.

According to the statement made by Yenierenkoy Municipality the managers and officials in the region were trained as a part of an awareness raising program with regard to advertisement, promotion and marketing of Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMSE) and tourism operations via internet in Karpaz.

The SMSE expert of the second project Selen Mesutoglu Altan gave training in the education seminar and also the Second Project Information Expert, Gunhan Hasipoglu, gave some information related to the project.

Within the framework of the seminar, tourism operators and related people were trained about e-commerce, digital marketing and social media, and the problems which had been faced by the operators in the country were also discussed.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office

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