October 3, 2022

Trevor’s Tips – May 2013

Neighbourly Care

Some Belediyesi publish their own information papers and distribute them to homes within their area. If these papers are left outside burglarin the sun, over time the papers will discolour, due to the sun’s power.

If would-be burglars see these discoloured papers, lodged in a gate for instance, it is a sure sign that the premises are empty and ripe for breaking into. Be a good neighbour and remove these papers and lessen the break-in risk.


As you may know the TRNC Postal Department has issued post codes in order to try and help swift delivery of mail. Can I suggest that you go to your local Post office and familiarise yourself with the post code for your area.

To ensure your post is delivered unhindered, follow the example below,

Addressees name [Joe Bloggs].

Road and number of premises, [Ali Sokak No 15] or PO Box number

Town/village [Karşiyaka]postman rh

District [Girne]

Post code [99440]

Mersin 10


Storm Damage

Over recent weeks, we have experienced several violent storms here, causing damage to lots of properties. Dağli Sigorta received numerous calls from their customers, resulting in several thousands of pounds worth of damage. The Company is pleased to announce that all claims have been repaired and customers reported their full satisfaction.

Because of the number of claims made, Dağli Sigorta needed Home Insuranceto prioritise their work schedule, meaning some of their customers waited a little longer for repair than they would have hoped. They have asked me to apologise on their behalf for the short time lapse before repair was completed. Three of their customers were in the UK at the time the damage was found, but this did not deter the repair programme. Their customers were kept fully informed via the email system and the repairs completed to their satisfaction before their return to the TRNC.

There were several claims made to other insurance companies which were rejected because the reported damage was considered an “Act of God”. Dağli Sigorta undertook all damage reported, at no cost to the customer and no claim excess charged!!!


There are important changes to the way your renewed British Passport is delivered here. The UK Government’s goal is to ensure that all British nationals living overseas receive a consistent, trusted, secure and efficient service whilst keeping the costs as low as possible. In order to do that, responsibility for issuing passports overseas passed from the Foreign Office and its posts overseas to the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) – an Agency of the Home Office, which already handles all passport applications from people living in the UK.

From 15 April 2013, British nationals in Cyprus will need to submit passport applications to IPS in the UK for processing.  All the information needed to complete the passport application process is available on the website https://www.gov.uk/overseas-passports.   You should avoid leaving applying for your passport until the last minute.  You can apply to renew your passport at any time.   Any remaining British passportvalidity up to nine months will be transferred from your old passport to your new one.  If you are renewing your passport, you should allow at least four weeks from the date the fee is taken and all the correct documentation has been received.   If you are applying for the first time or you are replacing a lost or stolen passport, you should allow at least six weeks.  Your application may take longer if IPS needs to request further information.  You should avoid travelling until your new passport has been issued and received by you. The British Government cannot accept responsibility for costs incurred if travel is booked and subsequently cancelled before the passport has been received.  The new passport and supporting documents will be delivered separately by DHL to the address you provided in your application.

If you need to travel urgently but your normal passport is not available, you should contact the nearest Consular Assistance team in Nicosia on 22861100.   In certain circumstances their staff may be able to issue an Emergency Travel Document, but this is not a substitute for a full UK passport. So the best course of action is to apply as early as possible, and to make sure that you follow the new guidelines.

Please note that the British High Commission is not able to take calls about individual passport applications and Consular staff cannot countersign passport applications.  If you cannot find the information you need on the gov.uk website, please contact the IPS Passport Advice Line on +44 300 222 0000.

The contact details for the British Consular in Nicosia is

Alexander Pallis Street

PO Box 21978

1587 Nicosia


Tel:  +357 22861 100

Fax:   +357 22861 200

E-mail: Nicosia.consular@fco.gov.uk

Car Purchase Registration

A quick reminder! If you have purchased a new vTRNC Vehicle Log Bookehicle from a private source, when registering the vehicle in your name, you will need to take to the Transport Ministry in Lefkosa, a copy of the previous owner’s passport photo page. If the last owner had both of their names entered into the log book, you will need to take a copy of the above for each of the two owners.


You now have only seven [7] days [previously fourteen days [14]] in which to register your new purchase; otherwise you will incur a fine for late registration.

Easter Holidays

If you are considering going shopping on the Greek side, shops and offices will be closed next Friday the 3rd of May and Monday the 6th of May, due to their Easter Festivities. The office at the border, for renewing your insurance and MOT will also is closed on those days.

Health Care Discount

The health care discount scheme between The Kolan British chemist logoHospital and Dağli Sigorta is reported to be working well. I have had calls from customers who reported an excellent service being provided and hospital staff and patient care are both of a very high standard. Don’t forget their emergency ambulance is free of charge to participating members and after the first doctor consultation, all other subsequent related consultations are free of charge.

May Day Holiday

Wednesday 1st May 2013 is a holiday over here. All Government offices, banks and, local Government offices will be closed on that day.

New requirements when taking out an insurance policy

In an effort to try and reduce the number of cars being stolen in the TRNC and then sold on to unsuspecting buyers, the Government has Dagli Sigorta logoasked that all insurance companies register the chassis number and engine number onto the policy document. Please ensure that whoever you choose to insure your car, both of these numbers are entered onto your new policy document. It could be your car next that’s stolen and never recovered.

Dağli Sigorta has being doing this for some time now

Earthquake in the TRNC

The Turkish Republic’s Earthquake Disaster and Emergency Management Department reported that the   TRNC experienced earth tremors on Monday of this week at 19.30. The recorded earthquake of 4.2 magnitude in the Mediterranean, recorded in the Gulf of Gokova at a depth of 7 kilometres.

Earthquake damage does not necessarily mean the total collapse of your home, but could mean that windows are broken as a result. If tremors do cause window breakage, your insurance company will not meet the cost of rItaly earthquakeepair if earthquake cover was not an integral part of your insurance policy.

Cyprus lies in the second most earthquake stricken zone on earth. Fortunately, the island is located in a less active sector of this zone, and it experiences earthquakes less frequently and of a lower magnitude than that of Greece and Turkey. However, that does not mean that earthquakes are an isolated event. Throughout the year, many recorded events (tremors) that might go unnoticed by the population, are still recorded by the sensors on the island.

And believe it or not, there are still some people here who consider that insurance cover against earthquake is not necessary!!!! Be sensible and do not leave it to chance. The cost of repair outweighs the cost of having cover included in your policy.

The last major earthquake in Cyprus occurred on 9th October 1996 measuring 6.8

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