August 11, 2022

Lillikas rallies anti-bailout supporters

John Aziz Kent’s Comments

By John Aziz Kent

I wrote the following comment in the  online Cyprus Mail after I read an article on the 30th April 2013 about Giorgos Lillikas and my comments are shown below.  Perhaps you would also care to read this and make your own comments on the Cyprus Mail article.

 Lillikas rallies anti-bailout supporters

The problems of Cyprus including the present economic  and  political  troubles can all be solved  by  finding  the way  to work as equals  with the John Aziz Kent smlTurkish Cypriot  people and Turkey on a fair and truthful agreement  as quickly as possible  before we have more and  bigger  tragedies. Let us all think positive.

Forget the Ottoman days and also  forget all the Greek theatrical tragedies and  think only of love for our beautiful  Cyprus.

I am very sure if a realistic proposal was made to Turkey from the Greek side they will accept it and this will solve the economic problems not only of Cyprus but also Greece too and we will have positive developments all over Cyprus and the whole region.

Mr Lillakas has said no to the Annan plan, I hope he sees the light now and the realities. They have been told to us by the whole world. All through the years we never took any notice and always wanted to play with mythology.

Love to all.

To read the Cyprus Mail article click on the following link.


2 thoughts on “Lillikas rallies anti-bailout supporters

  1. If only, but I can’t see Greece or Greek Cypriots ever agreeing to anything that involves anything except Eonosis.

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