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TRNC News Today – 25th April 2013



President Eroğlu received the President of Tasucu Education and Protection of Nature Foundation, Arslan Eyce, and the accompanying delegation.

In the reception PDervis Eroglu (2)resident Eroğlu was appointed the ‘Honorary President’ by the Foundation Board of Trustee and Board of Directors.

Delivering a speech in the reception the President of the Foundation stated that the former Honorary President of the Foundation was the Founder President Rauf Denktaş and this title was unanimously decided to be given to  after Denktaş.  In his speech President Eroğlu expressed his pleasure at the decision.


The Speaker of Republic’s Assembly, Hasan Bozer, and the accompanying delegation who are having contacts in Ankara visited TR Deputy Prime Minister, Besir Atalay, in his office at the Prime Ministry Central Building.

Pointing out that a rich potential of natural gas oil reserves exist in the Eastern Mediterranean the Speaker of Republic’s Assembly, Hasan Bozer, said that the interest of the whole world to the island will continue as Hasan Bozerlong as this potential exists.  Bozer added that the future policies of Cyprus will be based on this potential. Asking for the support from the whole world in this respect Bozer stated that so far the Greek Cypriot side has been attracting sympathy although the Turkish side desires an agreement the Greek Cypriots have been awarded.  Bozer continued: “The world goes through a big crisis. Neither Turkey nor the TRNC have been influenced much. Moreover this has even been an advantage for Turkey as it can be seen. South Cyprus, which is the EU member and once was the President of the EU, has suffered from the crisis, gone bankrupt. I do not say this with pleasure, but this is the reality. When we compare our position with the South, the serious consultations made with Turkey have protected us from falling into the crisis”.

Welcoming Bozer and the accompanying delegation in front of the Prime Ministry Building Atalay said that the TRNC is a national cause for Turkey and it is being co-operated in every subject. 

Atalay stated that in the previous years important reform laws were legislated in the TRNC and as a result of this, important developments were realized especially in the economy.

Stressing that Turkey shows sensitivity to every subject regarding the Turkish Cypriots, Atalay continued: “We are trying to do our best with regard to both the negotiation process and economy. Our relations are very strong. Our relations are more indicated with these visits.”


 It was stated that the UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor to Cyprus, Alexander Downer startedNikos Anastasiadis his contacts in the island with a meeting with the Greek Cypriot leader, Nikos Anastasiadis, last night. Following that meeting, Downer met with President Dervis Eroğlu. The UN Secretary General’s Special Representative to Cyprus, Lisa Buttenheim, Spokesman of the President Osman Ertuğ, Undersecretary Hasan Gungor and members of the negotiation delegation attended the meeting.

Stating that President Dervis Eroğlu and the  Greek Cypriot leader, Anastasiadis, will meet at a dinner in the next month, Downer said that the two leaders should determine the date of the meeting.

In his speech, pointing out that studies should be done regarding the Cyprus problem step by step and systematically, Downer said that in order to take up this issue the best method would be to make consultations with Ankara and Athens.


Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce (TCCC) has sent a letter to the President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, and Commissioner responsible for Enlargement, Stefan Füle, on the anniversary of the Annan plan referendum held on 24th April 2004 and reminded that the promises given were not kept.

According to the statement made by TCCC, in the Stefan Fuleletter signed by the President of the Chamber, Günay Çerkez, it was emphasized that the international community has a prior role in the solution of the Cyprus problem. The importance of creating an opportunity from the economic crisis in South Cyprus and the existence of natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean was mentioned in the letter. The message was also given in the letter that lifting of the embargoes would make a contribution to the solution.

Statements of many official authorities, particularly the UN and EU authorities, made following the referendum in which Turkish Cypriots voted ‘yes’ in the rate of 65% took place in the letter. Following the referendum, many world leaders and EU authorities emphasized the strong will of Turkish Cypriots for a solution and made a call for lifting of the embargoes.


Another corruption related to Turkish Cypriot properties became evident in the Greek Cypriot Land Registry Office after it came out that some officers prepared virtual application documents for the investigation of immovable properties.

Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros stated that two officers serving in the Greek Cypriot Land Registry Office have mediated for a fee regarding the selling of Turkish Cypriot properties, and thereupon disciplinary proceedings were launched against the abovementioned officers. Greek Cypriot Internal Affairs Minister, Sokratis Hasikos, pointed out that it was obvious that there was a gang working related to especially the Turkish Cypriot properties.


According to Greek Cypriot Newspaper Politis. USA Ambassador to South Cyprus John Koenig delivered the message of USA to the Greek Cypriot Administration Leader Nikos John KoenigAnastasiadis which was the attitude of Greek Cypriots to give permission to research in the 5th and 6th parcels in the unilaterally declared ‘exclusive economic zone’ shall furthermore increase tension in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The newspaper stated that this message was sent based on the possibility that the Turkish Government would be willing to put positive steps forward for a solution to the Cyprus problem in the coming months. The newspaper also wrote that under this logic and starting of negotiations after the coming autumn, the American element has accepted Turkish messages such as new energy incidents should not come out around Cyprus during this period.

Source: TRNC Public Information Office


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