May 31, 2023

Chelsey Village Times – Chelsey Village Restaurant Opens

By Chris Elliott

We have received news from our friends at Chelsey Village Times that the Chelsey Village Restaurant in Chelsey Village, Arapköy is scheduled to open on the 1st May 2013.

We hope to pay a visit to  Chelsey Village Restaurant and in the meanwhile we are pleased to show more information supplied by Chelsey Village Times below and you may wish to write the following date in your diary.

On the evening of May 3rd to make this new venture go off with a bang, a local singer ‘Chrissy’ who many Chelsey Village locals may know, will be there to help make this a very special evening at Chelsey Village Restaurant.

Master Restaurant Supplement 2013 2-1

Master Restaurant Supplement 2013 2-2

Master Restaurant Supplement 2013 2-3

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