May 31, 2023

Auntie Beeb is noting North Cyprus

By Chris Elliott

The past few weeks in sleepy North Cyprus have been disturbed by an array of internet news feeds that have told us all about the woes in Cyprus 300px-TRNC_border[1]and the world still wants to believe that our peaceful homeland does not exist and is part of this troubled Republic.

Well, the Euro Crisis has focused the world’s attention on Cyprus and after severe pressure from the European Union, the Cyprus Authorities have come to an arrangement to get their hands on a financial bailout.

So you may ask, what has changed, well if Auntie Beeb rides into town to see what is going on in North Cyprus then that is real progress and the world can no longer look in the other direction and pretend we do not exist.

Thank you Auntie Beeb you are most welcome and do come again, there is much you can tell the world about our fine country.

To read what BBC has been reporting, follow the link below:

BBC News – Crisis offers opportunity to heal Cyprus division.

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