January 27, 2023

Chateau Lambousa and Saturday Market

That was the week that was

By Chris Elliott

Last week we saw some amazing things. Firstly there was the incredible news released on Thursday that Girne American University had signed an agreement with Celebrity Hotels Group Ltd for the redevelopment of Chateau Lambousa and the adjacent Holiday Complex. To read more click here.

Gordon Kent leading a team in a cleanup operation
Gordon Kent leading a team in a cleanup operation

On Monday I went down to Chateau Lambousa to find Gordon Kent leading a team in a cleanup operation  to deal with the debris and trees that had been badly damaged. In the area of the Saturday market I found helper Ian Long and he told me that he was there on Friday when the storm broke and was lucky not to lose his life when, while he was trying to move a vehicle away from the trees, he sustained a nasty injury to his leg from falling debris.

Soon I had the opportunity to talk to Gordon about the latest news of Chateau Lambousa and this is what he had to say:

On behalf of Celebrity Hotels Group Ltd I would like to say we are delighted that the Girne American University have taken on the challenge to re-develop Chateau Lambousa and the Holiday Complex and they have exciting plans which they will make known in due course.

In the meanwhile it’s going to be business as uChateau Lambousa Market - Business as usualsual here at the Celebrity Hotel and the Saturday Market. I would like to reassure our many visitors that the Saturday Market is continuing and we have made plans for significant investment for its redevelopment which will become very evident in the months to come to our visitors. It is a very exciting time and we have so much work to do.

As I was leaving Lambousa it was evident that there was also much work being carried out to prepare for the Auction this weekend and the Antiques and Collectors Fair to be held on the 12th April and to read more click here

So there we have it, Lambousa and Lapta are going to see some very exciting developments over the months ahead and cyprusscene.com and our network partners will be bringing you this news as soon as it becomes available.

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