September 26, 2022

Pet Travel with KAR

By Chris Elliott

Having written many articles about the work of Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR), one of the aspects of their work that has impressed me is the transfer of animals from the TRNC to other countries and this was brought homeKar Dogs leaving for the UK to me when I met the Animalcouriers, (the “Ice Road Truckers) during one of their first trips to North Cyprus to take 15 dogs who were setting off from North Cyprus for a new home in the UK.

For those residents or indeed visitors, who wish to have animals transferred to the UK or elsewhere, the following information from KAR may be helpful.

 “As you are probably aware Kyrenia Animal Rescue is a registered charity in Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Over the course of several years we have been called upon to offer assistance and information for owners wanting to either take their pets into or out of Pets Air TravelTRNC. These requests for help have increased since the relaxing of the rules (Jan 2012) that govern entry to Europe and the UK.

Due to the ongoing demand Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) has recently set up a specialist department to deal with the Import and Export of pets. It is the only “official” organisation that is able to offer such a service in TRNC . Our dedicated staff, based in our Karakum office, can help with all aspects of your pet travel to/from TRNC and worldwide. You can contact them for up to date pet travel information or to make a pet travel booking (bookings can ONLY be made through the KAR office).

Our services include ;

  • Assistance on importing pets into TRNC
  • Arranging flights for pets from Ercan to UK and other destinations
  • Arrange for overland travel option for those pets who, for whatever reason, cannot fly.
  • Import and Export Licenses.
  • Health certificate.
  • Custom forms.
  • Collection and Delivery Service to and from home/airport.
  • Government Veterinary checks and processes upon arrival in TRNC.
  • Document and procedure checking service.
  • Preparation of Import and/or Export paperwork
  •  Whatever your pet travel needs are – KAR Pet Travel Dept can help.

Our Pet Travel Dept can be contacted on 0533 869 4098 or by emailing Kim at or

For those readers who may not have read my article about the adventures of the “Ice Road Truckers”, I will be re-publishing this on these pages very soon and give you an update on the latest road and increasing flight travel of pets from North Cyprus. 

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