January 29, 2023

Tulips card making event

By Margaret Sheard

Carole King and Sue Tilt who work so hard for Help Those with Volunteers hard at workCancer Association (Tulips) have been busy yet again organising a card making event which was held at The Ravine in Alsancak on Tuesday 19th March.   Carole and Sue had acquired a huge amount of greetings and Christmas cards and asked for volunteers to come along and help to re-cycle these into new cards which can be sold from various outlets to raise funds for Tulips.

We were not able to get there until the afternThe new cards are piling upoon, mainly to see how they were doing and take some photographs, and Sue told us that in the morning there had been 18 people who had offered their time and had they been busy making cards from the abundance of donated items and card making equipment which was available and during the day there had been a steady stream of people coming to help.

When we arTime for a cupparived they had just finished lunch which had been supplied by The Ravine and they had generously donated 5TL to Tulips from each meal served.   The card makers were back at their tables creating some really lovely cards.   One Cypriot lady we were told had come along and asked if she could try as she had never done anything like this before and she soon got into it and didn’t seem to want to stop.  She was of course made very welcome.A selection of newly made cards

Sue told us that Deniz Plaza had very generously given 50% discount on the card required for the card making for which they were very grateful.

It is hoped to be able to organise another card making event, perhaps in May before the weather gets too hot and Carole and Sue will be A lovely card for a little boyworking on this and will advise us as soon as something is arranged, which will be to concentrate mainly on Christmas cards

We wandered around looking at what was going on, there were some people cutting up the donated cards to re-use pictures etc. and some of the more experienced people were making the cards with all types of themes and greetings.

It seems there are many card making groups around the island and Sue said she is trying to establish where they all are and anyone who may be interested in joining a grouSuch a pretty cardp and perhaps create some cards in aid of Tulips they can contact 0533 873 1693 to find out more.

If I had more time available I think this could well be a hobby which would appeal to me as it is something which can be done at leisure, either with a group or at home, and with a few pieces of equipment and some used cards it is amazing what can be achieved.

To encourage people who may be interested in card making we have found one of many fascinating Youtube videos by Christina Griffiths and this can be seen below and maybe you will be tempted to try.

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