October 2, 2022

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC – TFR

 30 minutes with the Secretary

by Ralph Kratzer

Terry and Rose Carr

Another interview in my series of talks with members of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC I had last Friday in the villa of Nevruz “Rose” and Terry Carr in Lapta.

Rose was born in Paphos, South Cyprus in 1938, came to Lefkoşa when she was a child and later went to Reading, Oxfordshire, as a young woman together with her brother in 1958.

5 years later she there met, her later to be husband, Terry.

P1000268Terry, was born in Newcastle in the North of England in 1939. He worked as an Architect in his own design and building company for more than 30 years. In those days Rose supported him actively being a perfect housewife as well as backing him up in the office of the company (in Terry´s own words: “she can mix concrete as well!”)

Terry and Rose have one son and two grandchildren, a girl, 11 years old, and a boy aged 17. In 1999 Terry and Rose decided to relocate to North Cyprus, which is Rose´s homeland.

P1000269The main reason I had planned this interview with Rose and Terry was not only to ask them about their personal life, it was also for the reason that Terry had been asked by the Lapta Municipality to help them with a planned project and that was why Kemal Hüray from the Lapta Belediyesi joined our meeting to give me some explanations.

The Municipality have founded an Association called “ipek koza” (silk cocoon) for sustainable environmental protection.

What are the goals of this Association?

They want to bring back the former culture of North Cyprus generally, and of Lapta specifically, to the Cypriots and foreign residents living in this area.

Former well known handicrafts as e.g. grinding flour, producing pottery or silk lace and many others are more and more fading into oblivion.

P1000275That is why the “ipek koza” Association tries now as the first step to find sponsors and volunteers for the renovation of one of the formerly seven existing watermills in Lapta and this was the reason why they have asked Terry Carr to give them support. Terry had renovated old mills in England in his profession as an Architect with absolutely astonishing results.

An old church near the watermill is planned to be refurbished as well to become a public social meeting point for the citizens where, for example, art galleries, concerts and other social and cultural events can take place.

P1000278So, as mentioned above, the Association is looking now for private and commercial sponsors not only for collecting money for the projects but for voluntary work as well.

If you, our readers, have ideas and the will to be part of this wonderful undertaking, please contact Kemal Hüray at the Lapta Municipality or The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (email: tfrnorthcyprus@gmail.com)

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