February 4, 2023

Save A Life – By Phone! 

Phone 05428 800 112 – Latest News Update

The “Save A Life” system is already bringing in Save a Liferesults. Last week a call came through from the blood bank at Girne state hospital to say they needed 3 units of blood for an emergency op.

A text message went out to those in the Girne area with the correct blood group at 15.47 and by 15.55 the organisers had received replies from enough people to cover what was required and also a couple of “extras” should they be needed.

A great success in a very short space of time which shows the system works as planned.

Another good side effect of this scheme is that it has already resulted in 4 new donors being sent to the BRS donor day at Girne state hospital.

If you want to help Save A Life in an emergency situation then text YOUR BLOOD GROUP and NEAREST HOSPITAL to 05428 800 112.

If you want to be a regular blood donor then please contact the British Residents Society (BRS)

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