February 6, 2023

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC

1st Ten Pin Bowling Competition 

The ForeignThe competitors Residents in the TRNC are busy planning social events for their members and on the 6th March we went along to the King’s Leisure Centre where we were to be part of their first Ten Pin Bowling Competition.

We all congregated outside in the sunshine and chatted together for a while and when everyone had arrived we went inside to get ourselves ready for the bowling.  As TFR have an international membership we were divided into countrieHeinz - Germany (left) and Ingrid  - Scandinavia (right)s of British, German, Scandinavian and a mixed team of British, German and Polish which was called the TRNC team.  We had decided to have 2 games for the competition.

We all sorted ourselves out into our lanes and had a short practice.  I couldn’t believe that my first bowl knocked all of the pins down, however, that was not to continue!  Our team proceeded to take our turns and we were very conscious of the cheers from the other lanes as it seemed their members were doing very well.The teams in action

The competition finished and some of us had ordered a pizza so we sat down and had our meal before the announcement of the winners.   We all went outside in the sunshine again and Richard Bradley produced the score sheets – In 4th place was the British team with 502 points (highest scorer – Margaret), in 3rd place the Scandinavian team with 558 points (highest scorer – Ingrid), in 2nd place the German team with 654 points (highest scoreRichard announcing the resultsr – Horst) and the winners were the TRNC (mixed) team with 668 points (highest scorer – Ken).

The Scandinavian team were very disappointed and had thought they had been doing well so we looked at the results of the first game and found at that stage Germany were leading followed by Scandinavia but the second game changed all that and we all congratulated the winning team with the warning that we would all do much better next time.The winning team

Richard had organised a plaque which was presented to the winning team and this will be inscribed with the winners of the first bowling competition and used for subsequent events which I am sure will prove to be very popular.

It was a very nice few hours with our friendly TFR group and we look forward to many more social events with them in the future.

By Margaret Sheard

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  1. Dear Ralph,

    many thanks for the pictures,thank God there was only one of me!!!

    heres to a return match when the bones have stopped aching. A lovely afternoon,beats work any day.


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