November 30, 2023

TFR honoring Lapta Mayor,  Fuat Namsoy

by Ralph Kratzer

Today, Wednesday 20th February 2013, members of the Committee of The ForLapta Belediyesi eign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) came together with the Lapta Mayor, Fuat Namsoy, in the premises of the Municipality to provide him with a ceremony.

The Chairman of TFR, Heinz Nauroth, handed an engraved plaque to the Mayor and the Belediyesi Manager, Hasan Keleş, as a “thank you” for the help the Lapta Municipality has given and will hopefully give in the future to the Foreign Residents Society.

Heinz Nauroth made a short speech A happy occasion for allcommenting that TFR and its members – coming from 15 different nations worldwide – always had the kind support of the employees of the Lapta Belediyesi which often went beyond normal courtesy.

He also stressed that most of the foreigners, who decided North Cyprus was to be their new centre of life, try to integrate in the local population but it is not always easy for them.

Heinz Nauroth then handed the plaque to the Mayor with the (left) Heinz Nauroth with Mayor Fuat Namsoy (right)humorous remark:

“As in the military, the soldiers fight and the General gets the medal!”  which means, TFR not only thanked Mr Namsoy as the Lapta Mayor, but every single worker in the Municipality as well.

The participants present at the ceremony, besides Mr Nauroth,  were Mr Lindt (Vice Chairman TFR), Mr. Kratzer (Secretary TFR) and Mr. Kaya (member of TFR and interpreter for today) and they enjoyed the ensuing casual conversation with the Mayor and the nice invitation for a Turkish coffee.

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