January 30, 2023

Disappearing Cyprus Mammals 

We have received news from Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) about a fund-raising event to be held at 12 noon on Wednesday 20th February, at Melly’s Bar at the Altinkaya Holiday Resort, Ozanköy.   There will be a buffet lunch and entrance will be by “Invitations” at 40TL per person which will be available from the KAR office in Karakum and from their stall at the Lambousa Saturday market.  

Keith Lloyd will be giving an illustrated talk about the Endemic Cyprus MouflonMammals of Cyprus and how they have become endangered.  Some species, including the Mouflon are showing signs of recovery in the Paphos Forest, but most wild mammals in Cyprus are still endangered and could well disappear like, for instance, the Pygmy Elephant and Hippo did 10,000 years ago!  

Most of us have probably never thought about endangered species in Cyprus so this is going to be a very enlightening and interesting talk as it is well known that Keith spends a lot of time doing research on the various subjects he talks about.   You may like to Ladybughave a taste of the type of talk you will hear by looking at an article on a topic of “creepy crawlies” which Keith has presented on a number of occasions.  In fact we recently met him at a local hostelry and a lady came up to congratulate him on the talk he had given to a group of 4th Year 8-9 year old students at The English School of Kyrenia and they were enthralled by it. To see the article which includes a slideshow of wonderful and fascinating pictures  click here

The event at Altinkaya is well worth putting in your diary as one to attend where you can enjoy a nice lunch, listen to an interesting talk and at the same time help KAR to raise funds to look after their many unwanted animals.

For further information see poster below or telephone 0533 869 4098

By Margaret Sheard

KAR poster Feb 13

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